Shaved Parmesan and Fontina

“If you’ve ever seen how sweetly the town of San Gimignano sits atop its surroundings, you’ll know how perfectly this fine Parmesan and Fontina mix will grace the simplest dish.”

So sayeth Sartori (est. 1939) on the front of their bag of shaved cheese that sent us completely into orbit with its deliciousness.

This was a total Pick-Up Lunch, but turned out to be entirely swoon worthy.  The last of the penne regate, a smidge of asparagus, and a few shreds of red bell pepper turned itself into this fantastic treat.

I went really simple with the seasonings – this is solely Thyme.  I didn’t want to overpower the subtle deliciousness of the shaved Parmesan.  The result was 100% what I expected.

NOLA Boy had his own lunch of a sandwich of salami and Swiss cheese with red pepper, but parts of mine kept appearing on his plate.  This really simple lunch was immensely satisfying.


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5 Responses to Shaved Parmesan and Fontina

  1. Yum. Interesting mix of cheeses.

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  2. Wow this sounds amazing! Thyme is one of my favorite herbs, I even grow it! Then the delicious flavor of Parmesan cheese had to make this taste so good!

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