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NOLA BOY makes dinner

The cutting ceremony has come and gone, and I am home from the hip replacement surgery.  Before going into the hospital, I pre-cooked a lot of food, and we have been taking advantage of our own in-home cafeteria-style food emporium. … Continue reading

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Pepper Bread

This is going to sound off the wall, even for me, but I have discovered something that I don’t really know how to describe. I have been putting 1/2 cup (out of three cups) of masa harina in almost all … Continue reading

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Cherry Delight

Yes, indeed.  The tapioca experiments continue apace! This week I’ve been mixing equal parts of the unsweetened tapioca pudding with my homemade Greek yogurt, and then adding a tiny dollop of a good preserve. Depending on the flavor of the … Continue reading

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Black Kale

Definitely will be seeking out Black Kale in the future!  This stuff is wonderful!  We love steamed kale to begin with, but this variation is tender and almost sweet. Other items on the plate are mushrooms, miniature sweet peppers, a … Continue reading

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Raspberry YUM

In my continuing quest for more ways to use the tapioca pudding, this delicious dessert appeared.  A thin layer of the unsweetened tapioca holds the raspberries in place.  The cake is a thin slice of gingerbread, and the ice cream … Continue reading

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