Eating Triscuits and Cheese with an eFriend

This is just a quick little FEEL GOOD fun post.

We have been watching excellent video after excellent video from Tristan Higbee of SUVRVing, who is chronicling his exceedingly interesting hiking and mountain climbing adventures, mostly in Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Nevada, and California.

We were enjoying one of his videos from about three years ago just now, and indulging in a little Triscuit, salami, and Cheddar treats, when lo and behold, he broke out almost the very same thing to munch on for his dinner.  We had already eaten all of our (Original!) Triscuits from the plate, and I was too lazy to stage replacements.

If you are at all interested in seeing the beauty of the western states, you won’t go wrong in spending some time watching Tristan’s very well done videos.  His narration is just simply mesmerizing; we can’t seem to stop watching them at every opportunity.

See you there!  ;->


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3 Responses to Eating Triscuits and Cheese with an eFriend

  1. Chris says:

    I started watching some of Tristan’s videos. Hard to find a good place to stop.


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  2. RV John says:

    Food traveling staples of life 🙂.

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