The Jade Beetle

He thought he was all alone on the back step, but he didn’t reckon that I had been out for the first time procuring victuals to help us through this hard time and would be making a couple of trips from car to house, passing him on his own industrious quest.

Mostly I got the “green blur”, but then he decided to settle down, and we compromised on this shot of him sitting still for his portrait.

We see so many close ups of creatures in the wild on the television and computer screens, that these encounters are not unheard of, but always a thrill when I can see a beautiful creature like this sharing my own world.  I just wish that my presence didn’t strike terror in his poor nervous system.

One wonders . . . how does he see this encounter?  Presume he has no idea that I am totally in awe of his beauty and mean him no harm.


About judilyn

RV'er, foody, caregiver, knowledge seeker
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6 Responses to The Jade Beetle

  1. Dale says:

    Your beetle is a Fiery Searcher Caterpillar Hunter. They search out and eat caterpillars.


  2. Great photo. Such an amazing color!

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  3. judilyn says:

    No doubt! I never see any big caterpillars around here, so pickins may be pretty slim for his breakfast pleasure.

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