Fried Rice and Asparagus Medley

Almost no words needed here.  Every morsel shown was delectable.  There were only two ears of corn, and they both disappeared, but there is a small amount of the rice and two Chicken McNuggets al a Judie in the refrigerator for lunch today.  Who will get the split pea soup, and who will get these yummy leftovers.  NOLA Boy is asleep, and I have the key to the refrigerator – so it may be no contest at all!

I made that rice originally the other day with slow-simmered beef broth, and it was heavenly.  The added asparagus, sesame seeds, sesame oil, and egg incorporated in there just added to the deliciousness of it. I also added two heaping tablespoons of pico de gallo for some zing.

I thought it would be a bit flat without more veggies/scallions, but it was entirely satisfactory just like that.

The Blue Cheese Yogurt dressing was perfect as a dipping sauce with the chicken strip.


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