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Dragon Teapot

This post is two-fold. First is to share this fabulous piece of art.  I found it on a Steampunk site on Facebook. The other is to show what hidden glory may be lurking in a photograph.  With the help of … Continue reading

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Fun with Egg Wash

Sometimes the obvious escapes me; and other times it shines like a bright star! Last night I made Judie McNuggets, although they are really lightly breaded, hearty strips of boneless, skinless chicken breasts rather than smallish bits and pieces of … Continue reading


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An Incredible Reheat

I couldn’t wait to share this photo and to expound on just how delicious it was.  If only restaurants could produce such flavor! These were the remnants from two separate meals, but clearly they were all made for one another.  … Continue reading

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My Latest Crush

It’s easy to be tempted into concocting delicious combinations of ingredients while we are sheltering in place, but with that possibility comes the ever present danger of the dreaded weight gain.  Probably most of us would not welcome any additional … Continue reading

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