Fun with Egg Wash

Sometimes the obvious escapes me; and other times it shines like a bright star!

Last night I made Judie McNuggets, although they are really lightly breaded, hearty strips of boneless, skinless chicken breasts rather than smallish bits and pieces of chicken with a heavy coating of starch.

I had pretty much misjudged how much egg wash was needed and had quite a bit leftover.  My habit is to make a small puddle of leftover egg wash in whatever pan I am using, rolling it up, and popping it into my mouth as the “Cook’s Treat du Jour”.

But this time, the “omelette” was larger than usual, and just deserved to be treated more politely than just unceremoniously devoured.

The ensuing entity just screamed out for some color, so I plopped on some cheese, let it melt, and then added some salsa and bits of scallion.

The photo then gave me the idea that this was about the same size as a tortilla, so why not encase it in a softened, slightly heated tortilla (to make it pliable), roll it up, and have it for a quick on-the-go breakfast on the way to work, or a mid-morning snack at your desk.  Could be eaten at just about any temperature, so reheating not really necessary.

As these things go, after I had cut and shared the mini-omelette in the format you see above, I thought of a bunch of other things that could go on it before using it as a filling for a tortilla roll up.  That includes whatever is lurking about that sounds appealing to you.

This is a good way to add a bit of nutrition to a meal, and use up bits of things that are waiting patiently in your refrigerator.  Look on it as the easiest take-out ever!  ;->


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3 Responses to Fun with Egg Wash

  1. RV John says:

    I see you are still making fun and unique dishes, and as always they make me go the refrigerator 😊🍽.

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  2. judilyn says:

    It’s really easy to eat well, healthfully, and cheaply – it just takes some thought, imagination, and willingness to try something new. Unless something is burned beyond recognition, and thus ruined, almost any food combination in which all of the ingredients are favorable to your palate, will turn out edible on a one-time basis!

    You can make adjustments to your “recipe” for next time for a better experience.


  3. I love this…”The cooks treat”. 💕


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