Key Lime Pie Extraordinaire



This might look like an overkill amount of goodies to pile on such a small sliver of key lime pie, but the extraordinary deliciousness of it amounts to a quick satiety point!  The plate is very small – only 5.5″ – so there really isn’t a lot of room for the really hard core, high-caloried items involved.

Like we have done with cheesecake, we pour on the aged, and very thick, balsamic vinegar.  Coincidentally, a few shards of chocolate happened to be sitting right there on the counter, so on they went.  The strawberries, however, were the absolute star of the show.

We’ve each indulged twice, and only about a quarter of the key lime pie is missing, so it looks like we will be able to enjoy this treat for several more times.


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4 Responses to Key Lime Pie Extraordinaire

  1. Chris says:

    Was the key lime pie from scratch, Judie? It looks wonderful.


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  2. judilyn says:

    The prepared key lime pies are far more practical than trying to make one in the desert! When I lived in Florida, it was a cakewalk – or maybe a piewalk – to gather up the key limes off the ground, and whip up the cream!


  3. RV John says:

    Oh Judie I get fat just thinking of this one, looks so good!

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  4. judilyn says:

    The trick is to go light on the pie, and heavy on the strawberries, that have almost no calories at all. This is really a low-calorie dessert that just looks decadent!


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