Windshield View of TMC Hospital Parking Lot

With so many rules in place for COVID safety, I seem to be spending a fair amount of time these days waiting in my car outside of doctors’ offices and hospitals.

Happily there are frequently lovely things to look at and/or places to stroll about, and usually opportunities to fill up my iPhone with photos to play with.

Fortunately the car is a mini-van, so there is room to have a solo picnic, read, peruse the news via my trusty iPhone, take a nap, or just people watch. I’m chronically short on sleep, so “nap” is frequently my first option.

I still have not been able to figure out what has happened to WordPress. My worksite is completely different, and the final post is also peculiar. I am investigating, but not finding much. Probably something simple that I am overlooking.

If anyone has a clue, please feel free to point me in the right direction! ;->

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RV'er, foody, caregiver, knowledge seeker
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8 Responses to Windshield View of TMC Hospital Parking Lot

  1. It’s amazing how you find beautiful things even in not so beautiful surroundings! 🙂

    If the WP problem you’ve mentioned occurs when you try to post, it may be due to the change of editor. Try to see if you have the “classic editor” option, and choose it.
    Hope it helps. 🙂

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  2. judilyn says:

    I was on alert for such an option, but did not stumble across it in the dark! Maybe if I look a bit more diligently, I will find where they have hidden it. I’ve been using this same one for over eight years, so “old dog” does not take well to “new tricks”!

    Thanks for the suggestion – the hunt is ON!

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  3. Clanmother says:

    I just went your blog site – looks great to me. WordPress changed their editor to what they are calling “Gutenberg.” The classic editor, as I understand, will be phased out. I started using blogs a couple of months ago and it seems to work very well. But it is something that I had to get used to before I decided that I liked the new format. I continue to learn and learn and learn.

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  4. judilyn says:

    I’ve located some bits and pieces, but find no way to implement the process to change to Classic. If nothing else, I can be very tenacious, so I’ll just keep pounding on it during spare moments!


    • Open “WP Admin”
      then click on “all posts”
      you’ll see at the top on the left a small box that says “add new”
      press the down arrow on the right side of that small box, it will open a small window with two options – Block Editor and Classic Editor.
      Choose the Classic and you’ll see the old way of posting…

      Once published, if you want to change/update a post, make sure you choose again via WP Admin, then choose Classic Editor again.
      it’s a bit more “work” but worth it, as the Block editor is horrible, in my humble opinion, and I intend to use the Classic as long as it’s till an option.
      Hope it helps. 🙂

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