Das Ist So Gut – Stroopwafel

I guess I am just giddy with the success of being able to retro myself back into Classic Mode (with the expert assistance from Ronit Penso)!  Be sure to go see her Cranberry and Blueberry Crisp today!  Exquisite !!

So here is another post to show a food that we have recently acquired in our never-ending quest to enjoy life to the fullest.

And . . . since we have tried this out with morning coffee, I can share that they are really unique.  The waffle part isn’t as crunchy as I would have liked, but it was fun.  One “wafel” split between us was plenty, as the not-terribly-sweet caramel inside provided enough brain energy to run us for another few hours!

Today is Sunday – so Special Breakfast Sunday is on tap in about another hour.  Truth be known, the siren of poached eggs sounds louder than anything sweet to me!

Clearly the beautifully-decorated can will become part of our collection of “Cookie Cans” currently dominated by Pirouettes – both chocolate and hazelnut varieties.


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6 Responses to Das Ist So Gut – Stroopwafel

  1. These are quite addictive! 🙂

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  2. judilyn says:

    Well, that’s the good – and the bad – of it. We already lived more concisely than most guidelines now, and for years have been wiping down surfaces and washing hands to the max, so not much change around here.

    Hence our aberrant obsession with food, I guess. A good outlet for me, and a bonanza for NOLA Boy, who loves him his groceries! Skinny little rat that he is, he can eat any and everything that comes his way. I have to use a smaller plate! ;->


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