NOLA Boy Defies All Odds

They took him away unconscious to the hospital next door.  They helicoptered him to UMC in Tucson.  Kidney failure.  They told me to be prepared for the worst.  Then, almost two weeks in the hospital, mostly in altered mentation, with THE most wonderful nurses in the world.

He wouldn’t eat; he couldn’t move under his own power, and was terribly frightened.  He had no idea where he was, or how he had arrived there.  He had no clothes and no belongings!  Downright scary!  Where was Judie?

On about Day Four, a kindly nurse – no, make that two “angel nurses” – used their personal cell phones to set up FaceTime calls for us on their shifts, staying late to do this on their own time.

They were never too busy to take the time to inform me of the progress he was making – which, admittedly, wasn’t much.  Fast forward to the day he could use the phone in his room to call out!  He could spout out our phone number without difficulty, but putting a “9” and a “1” in front of those numbers stumped him until Angel #2 wrote them down for him.

Having no sense of time, as it is in hospitals, I got lots of telephone calls that might better have waited a few hours – or at least until the sun had made an appearance.

On the plus side, food is starting to nuzzle its way back into his heart now that he’s home!

This was just the beginning.

To be continued . . .


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7 Responses to NOLA Boy Defies All Odds

  1. Andrea says:

    Oh Judie…sending so much love and my best healing energies. xoxo

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  2. Dale Ellis says:

    That’s great Judie! I am so glad to heart that Gary is back home with you!! 🙏

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  3. Arrowhead Gramma says:

    What wonderful news that your husband is home. My prayers will continue for you.

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  4. Linda says:

    Judi – You are both amazing. An inspiration during these crazy days. Keep on keeping on! Linda and Gary O

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  5. judilyn says:

    Thank you, Linda. We’re definitely thrilled!


  6. Peggy bohler says:


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  7. Sherry says:

    Oh Judilyn this is so fabulous. I am so excited for you both. How absolutely wonderful! He’s home!! There is NO PLACE like home.

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