NOLA Boy Eats Everything in Sight

Can you believe this guy?  Where does he get the inner strength?

This is some Green Chile Stew that I had frozen a while ago.  I made a supplemental sauce with sour cream, half and half and some  Red Thai Coconut Curry from a jar.  And then I made it again because he ate all of the first (admittedly small) batch!  See that little pitcher at the bottom left?  That times two, in addition to the original gravy in the stew itself!

His hand is covering a big pile of carrot coins and a cut-up scallion.  Almost everything on that plate disappeared, except for one of the pieces of meat.  With the leftovers still on the stove, I was able to package up a nice lunch for him tomorrow or the next day.

At his place at the kitchen island there is one of those old Tupperware two-ounce containers full of mixed nuts.  He routinely empties that every day – sometimes twice.  He’s back with his taste for coffee, with his morning waffle, bacon, orange juice starter, with a Pirouette cookie often finding its way to join the afternoon coffee break.

And, yes, he eats a bowl of cooked cereal, yogurt, fruit for breakfast and a substantial lunch.  Last night, about four hours after dinner, he woke up with the desire for a poached egg and English muffin.  And down that went, lickety split!

He is walking short distances unaided, and his mentation is much, much improved.

His brother, Bruce, and a good friend (waving to Chris!) have been helping out with running errands for us, and for those helping hands we are eternally grateful!

I read all the comments to him, so if you have some words of encouragement, please don’t be shy about sharing them.  He truly basks in those happy thoughts and words.  ;->


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10 Responses to NOLA Boy Eats Everything in Sight

  1. Diane says:

    Gary, I am amazed at your inner strength and will to survive. Continue getting stronger. Much love and many hugs to you.

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  2. Clanmother says:

    Thank you, Gary, for your strength of spirit that comes through every one of Judilyn’s posts. You are a light that reminds us that we can, in the midst of uncertainly, embrace hope and love.

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    • judilyn says:

      He’s still at it! Up this morning at five for pasta/egg/cheese scramble, English muffin, and orange juice. And a blueberry jam that we found from France that he particularly likes.

      Then right back to sleeping for another few hours.

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  3. Craig Sheumaker says:

    Wonderful news! And great picture. Who knows why and who cares? Give Gary our love and best wishes…and the same to you. I look forward to birthday greetings on our birthday.

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  4. Sherry says:

    Gary I am so thrilled to see you out of the hospital and eating like a champ. I’m wishing you every good thing as I have been witness to what that disease can do. Glad to hear you are out walking. Keep up the good work.

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  5. Glad to read about the good news. 🙂

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  6. DB McNicol says:

    For some reason, when I use my iPad to leave a comment, it never makes it. Argh!! Sending HUGE hugs to you both!

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  7. So glad to see Gary is home and has his appetite back. Where in the world does he put all that food?

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