NOLA Boy Meets Ciabatta Bread

French Toast is always welcomed by NOLA Boy.  It’s in his DNA, I think.


To that end, when we went up to Tucson last week for a medical appointment, we got a take-out lunch from Beyond Bread, our favorite restaurant in the world.

NOLA Boy had a bowl of green chile soup, but then was too full to eat his lunch sandwich, Frida’s Flight (roast beef, turkey, chiles, cheese), so it came home with us intact.

I had my usual Gobble Me Up Turkey Salad, which is an enormous amount of greenery, a huge pile of white meat turkey, Gorgonzola cheese, cranberries, hot cinnamon sugared walnuts, a plethora of red onion rings, and Ranch Dressing.  Even with some assistance, I barely made a dent in it.  So that came home, too.

As it turned out, we had three more two-portion meals from the remainder of the take-out order!

And as for that ciabatta . . . the small loaf shown is Ancho Chipotle Cheddar, and is a more normal size for an artisan loaf.  The ciabatta, however, is a giant among breads.  There were 28 slices!

Although there is no sourdough flavor in this loaf of ciabatta, there is a delightful chewy texture and those lovely big holes; it is thoroughly delightful.

In only moments, that cheesy bread, aided by a cheeseburger (Swiss), tomatoes, and lettuce, is about to become an integral part of a Saturday lunch repast.


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