Celebration Breakfast

It’s been a whole week since the surgery, and NOLA Boy is doing well.  That week has been spent eating and sleeping, but that’s what a body needs to heal.

His appetite has improved daily.  The above repast, and a glass of orange juice, disappeared in a flash.

Ingredients:  Cheesy Polenta, asparagus, grape tomatoes, bacon, cornbread, and a steam-fried Hickman’s Jumbo Egg!


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RV'er, foody, caregiver, knowledge seeker
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8 Responses to Celebration Breakfast


    I’d have gobbled that down in a flash too. Glad to hear he’s continuing to do well.


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  2. Sherry says:

    That breakfast is as beautiful as I’m sure it was delicious. He’s a lucky man to have you as his chef. No wonder he’s doing better. So glad to hear it.

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  3. Shirley Nordenberg says:

    LOOKS GOOD !!!! so glad to hear he is doing better.

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  4. judilyn says:

    Still sleeping a lot though.


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