Four Tenths and Eight Tenths

After an incredible “pound a day” weight loss for three weeks, NOLA Boy, upon weigh-in yesterday, had actually GAINED four tenths of a pound! Doesn’t sound like much, but the down slide was becoming a very serious thing.

This morning he actually requested solid food! Even though it is just a tiny portion of a cinnamon roll with the icing scraped off, it is a real breakthrough. The routine breakfast of soft-scrambled eggs, with heavy cream and Cheddar cheese is waiting in the wings.

The “eight tenths” in the title is the percentage of the radiation treatments that have been accomplished by this courageous man. The doctor said yesterday that he had expected NOLA Boy to be far worse by this period in the treatment regimen. But his stalwart constitution has had him pushing through the five-hour daily commute and lack of sustenance and sleep on those days to appear (at least to me!) to be holding his own, as opposed to the downhill slide that is expected at this juncture.

I have been reading the comments and “likes” to him at every post, and he has been overwhelmed by the care, concern and well wishes that have jetted his way. He is not a very social person, so the outpouring has been especially poignant for him. His total humble thanks are sent out to each and every person who has offered comfort and encouragement in this extremely challenging life experience.

Now – we need to pack about thirty pounds back on those bones!


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11 Responses to Four Tenths and Eight Tenths

  1. DB McNicol says:

    Keep it up! One tenth at a time onwards! Much love….

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  2. seahorse1000 says:

    You guys are really brave. Keep up the good fight.


  3. Linda Smythe Oliaro says:

    Judi – you must be an amazing caregiver! Kudos to both of you for hanging in there. Gary and I never met you guys but we feel like we know you from your posts. We are sending our prayers and good vibes your way.

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    • judilyn says:

      What a lovely comment, Linda. Yes, I’m sorry we never were able to get together when you guys were in Tucson. Maybe sometime sooner or later! Would love to meet up with you and Gary.


  4. Shirley Nordenberg says:

    YES He is one amazing guy!!!! He wants your wonderful cooking !! Love you guys and many prayers. I am here if you need anything !!

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  5. Michael Goldstein says:

    I am thinking of you both every day recently, especially since the often daily treks to Tucson began. What a challenge at every juncture these days for you. Your love and care for each other shines through above all else! You both will continue to be in my thoughts every day.

    Judie, you were ahead of the times by decades with your “Virtual Hugs” signature! Yes, holding you both tight from California.

    – Michael

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  6. Andrea Eagles says:

    Such good news! Sending love and the best energies to both of you.

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  7. Sherry says:

    Such good news. Every little bit helps. I am SO rooting for you. It’s a hard road as I well know.

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  8. Arrowhead Gramma says:

    You have both been in my thoughts and prayers, for Gary as he travels this journey towards good health and you as his caretaker. Take care.

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