Everything has changed, especially WordPress

Is anyone still receiving my page? I am thinking about utilizing all of the food photos that I have taken over the last year or so, along with a bit of narrative about what I have found in testing out different appliances, most of them in the Tiny Tot camp.

No clue what I am doing here, but if I see any action, I’ll make an effort to figure it out.


About judilyn

RV'er, foody, caregiver, knowledge seeker
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22 Responses to Everything has changed, especially WordPress

  1. Andrea Eagles says:

    I got your email. So something is working.

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  2. DB McNicol says:

    It popped up in my RSS reader (I follow way too many blogs…LOL). I use WP so shout if you have any questions.

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  3. Yup … still enjoying your blog by re-reading and re-visiting. I’m so very glad to see this message from you!

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  4. Carol Nagengast says:

    Received this one, but that’s it. Carol

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  5. Craig Sheumaker says:

    Haven’t seen any postings for a long time, but this one came through loud and clear.

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  6. twokniveskatie@gmail.com says:

    I got it thru FB. Would love to get more!

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  7. Rebecca Budd says:

    I was so pleased to see your post come up in my reader.

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  8. Sherry says:

    Well I’m here and wondering how you are.

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  9. Jan says:

    Hi this is first post I have received from you since I answered yours about NOLA Boy passing. Good to know you are still posting

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  10. judilyn says:


    I’ve been in a complete funk for well over a year. Hoping to snap myself out of it.


  11. RV John says:

    Hi Judie, good to see you got lots of feed back, 🙂. I have been checking here off and on to see if anything was going on, good to have you back. I have taken a year or so off a couple of times, and it takes a little to get back in the swing of things.

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  12. Patricia Duggins says:

    I love your posts because you are so gifted with words, food, and pictures. Age has stalled my body, but my mind is still around.

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  13. judilyn says:

    Gee, how sweet!Almost ready to post some colorful food photos. Stay tuned.

    Maybe tonight!


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