The Bleu Cheese Dressing Drama Continues

Without my trusty taster at hand to encourage me, to smack his lips in pure joy, and mostly to eat up the results, I am finding that I don’t have enough of an outlet for the food to really support a whole food blog.

So I will share my experiments here, and show you the fun things that I am doing with the tiny DASH products, the new-fangled portable power stations, and whatever else crosses my path.

I’m using the smaller DASH units while plugged into my small Bluetti power station that I keep on the kitchen counter – just for these experiments. I plan to get an expanded power station to accommodate the larger requirements for some of the other countertop cooking units.

The power station handily runs my six-cup Black + Decker Rice Cooker, which I use every morning to make my cooked Bob’s Red Mill Five Grain cereal.

From earlier experiments, I have found that this unit does an admirable job at producing two portions of rice in the main compartment, whilst saving room for a generous portion of vegetables and/or warming up other leftovers, or steaming a smallish piece of fish in the perforated steaming tray that nestles in to share the main compartment.

Right now it seems to be Bleu Cheese that is holding my attention. Today’s combination turned out to be very good, and I will make it again in the future.

See below for narrative.

Ingredients: Use whatever amounts appeal to your particular taste.

I am just getting to know mayonnaise. My mother always used Miracle Whip, and when I got out on my own, I made my own mayonnaise, so the jarred variety is all new to me. It has a different consistency than what I made, but I like it, and it blends well with other ingredients.

In this case, it is a scoop of mayo, a scoop of Bleu Cheese, and a scoop of sour cream – in just about equal parts. Adjust to suit your own proclivities.

After these three main ingredients were mixed together and tasted, I contemplated additions, tasted again, and came up with a perceived need for lemon juice, Italian Seasoning from Simple Truth, and Greek Seasoning from Penzey’s.

Before the salad, I had slurped a small bowl of leftover burger, cabbage, and chopped tomato soup. And after, I had some of my famous healthy chocolate pudding.

I think I will try out the rice cooker to see how it does with simmering spaghetti sauce.

The invitation is out for your suggestions as to dishes, or entire meals, that you think might be done easily in one of the DASH units, or in the rice cooker. I’m always up for a good experiment!

Also, anyone with experience with the portable power generators? I would love to hear from you. Please feel free to comment below on any aspect that you think would be of interest here. Let’s share our knowledge! ;->


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3 Responses to The Bleu Cheese Dressing Drama Continues

  1. Nice quick way to elevate a salad. 🙂

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  2. RV John says:

    This looks and sounds tasty.


  3. Peggy Bohler says:

    That looks great. Thanks.

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