Tortellini and Lacinato

Cooking for one is a whole new experience for me. The fun part is figuring out delicious things to eat utilizing the items already in the refrigerator from prior meals.

Tonight I had leftover thick Cream of Mushroom/Onion/Potato soup (yes, homemade) to work with. So I boiled up some Buitoni Tortellini and sauced it with the soup, and added in a few shreds of salami to point up the Italian influence.

That pretty, dark green leafy stuff is Lacinato, also called Black Kale. It is mild – more like spinach than kale. It melts down a bit when cooked, but nothing like the disappearing act that spinach does when cooked!

I sprinkled some Smoked Paprika on the tortellini, and some French Thyme on the mushrooms.


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4 Responses to Tortellini and Lacinato

  1. Craig says:

    Sounds delicious, but the purple color is strange. Is that a trick of the light?

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    • judilyn says:

      You’re right! The mushrooms DO look a little purple. There are fluorescent lights overhead, so maybe that was what caused it. I’ve eaten them all now, so can’t duplicate the shot with different lighting. ;->


  2. A beautiful and well balanced plate. Very creative and tasty way of using leftover! 🙂

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  3. RV John says:

    That looks tasty and sounds healthy too. I have a hard time cooking much more than one meal a day, being just one. Wish I had your motivation.

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