Mini-Quesadilla by DASH

Today’s lunch is brought to you (and to me!) by the DASH eight-inch Express Griddle appliance.

First, I preheated and slightly crisped two tortillas. Then I sautéed some freshly cut-up yellow pepper and leftover cooked cauliflower bits, and set them aside. When the grill had reheated, I put one of the tiny tortillas on it, added a light layer of hot pepper cheese, the pepper and cauliflower, and topped it with a thin slice of deli ham.

Adding the other slightly crisped tortilla made a lovely-looking quesadilla that was just the right amount of crunch. It held together nicely because of the cheese, and eating it was a delight in flavors and crispy!

The Cole slaw is simplicity itself. I have found that the deli Cole slaw is way too soupy for me, so I use it in place of Cole slaw dressing with my own thinly sliced raw cabbage. The ratio is about three or four parts fresh cabbage shreds to one part of the commercial slaw.

This makes having a healthful side dish very simple and without a bazillion calories.

Hint: This combination of cabbage and commercial slaw makes a great “spread” on just about any sandwich that you would like to have a bit more moisture, but not a big blob of straight mayonnaise.

And wait until you see my dessert! (Tomorrow or the next day.)


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4 Responses to Mini-Quesadilla by DASH

  1. Looks tasty and keto too! Can’t wait to see dessert!


  2. Michael B. Goldstein says:

    This looks lovely! Is this DASH device different from their waffle maker?


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  3. RV John says:

    Nice looking dish, I really like the ideal on mixing the cold slaw, I don’t care for it from the store either, too much mix in junk. Oh, the main dish here sounds like a winner too!

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