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Just Say “Hi”

La Encantada Shopping Center is one of my favorite venues for snap, snap, snapping!  Subjects abound.  Every direction I look, there are “pictures” waiting for me to gather up. Earlier this week, we were fortunate enough not only to get … Continue reading

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So . . . here is a shot of the Chick-Sal-Sand that I promised you! The blob on top of the roll is where I got careless with the cheese.  The buns were toasted and then a layer of Swiss … Continue reading

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Everything Rolls

On a recent trip to Trader Joe’s, we acquired a jar of “Everything but the Bagel” seasoning.  These lovely potato sandwich rolls were perfect to acquire a nice layer of said topping. So delicious!  We particularly love them filled to … Continue reading

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Brown Canyon Ranch

We spontaneously took our lunch out to nearby Brown Canyon Ranch this afternoon.  The golden hour light was lovely.  There are nice trails there, and they allow horseback riding on them as well as hiking.  While we were there a … Continue reading

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Wild Horse

Also in Patagonia, there is this very interesting restaurant within the same building as a smallish hotel. There are three choices for seating venues. We sat in the main enclosed area, overlooking a “patio around the pool” area that was … Continue reading

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Owl Totem

Yesterday we were about one third of the distance to Patagonia at an appointment, and in a wild and crazy moment, we did something spontaneous!  We drove the rest of the way there, AND ate lunch out. Neither of us … Continue reading

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Polenta Burger

In the continuing saga of Penzey’s Spices, I used a lovely array of flavors as shown above.  The Mitchell Street was on the burger, along with a mixture of Bleu Cheese dressing, a smidge of sweet relish, and a little … Continue reading

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