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Italian Meatballs and Stir Fry Peppers

Happily I announce that we are both back in the land of the living! After decades with no serious respiratory problems, at least for me, we both came down with a doozy of a case of the “whatever it is … Continue reading

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What Will They Think of Next

Next to the chair at one end of the Infusion Room is this apparatus.  It makes a lot of noise as things come banging down from the ether! Clearly it isn’t brand new technology, but what a boon to being … Continue reading

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Two Down; Fourteen To Go

Two Down; Fourteen To Go After his second week of infusion with the new cancer drug, we celebrated by whisking ourselves off to the Reid Park Zoo where we found this charming little Squirrel Monkey. There were lots of them … Continue reading

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Colossal Cave, Arizona

A piece honoring the hundreds of CCC workers that helped to build the interior and exterior of Colossal Cave, where we met up with an RV friend, Diane, yesterday.  It is an amazing bit of work. Couldn’t help but wonder … Continue reading

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Angel or Eagle?

Do you see an angel, an eagle, or maybe a dove? Christmastime at Trader Joe’s is mind boggling.  Tomorrow I will show you the three Christmas treats we acquired from there yesterday. But first . . . Even though Tucson … Continue reading

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Just Say “Hi”

La Encantada Shopping Center is one of my favorite venues for snap, snap, snapping!  Subjects abound.  Every direction I look, there are “pictures” waiting for me to gather up. Earlier this week, we were fortunate enough not only to get … Continue reading

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Wall Art at Tucson Cancer Clinic

What sort of art appeals to you?  I’m never sure how to answer a question like that.  There are so many possibilities; they’re everywhere. What makes a piece like this attractive over, say, a stunning portrait or a brilliant landscape?  … Continue reading

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