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Bicycle Rack

One of the restaurants in Tucson that was recommended by the hospital as safe for transplant patients to choose is Beyond Bread. We went there in 2007/08 during that time in Tucson, but hadn’t been back in the interim, since … Continue reading

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Fox Point

  Not all of our meals are really worthy of showcasing on here, but even the ones that don’t ring the bell visually are unbelievably delicious in the eating phase. Here is an example:  This is a slice of roasted … Continue reading

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A Leaf Sandwich

SUBTITLE:  Think B I G !! I’m not entirely sure where he was going with this treasure.  The nearby anthill’s opening was only ant sized.  Maybe they had a picnic.  I forgot to go back to look later, so no … Continue reading

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Sometimes, when the sun is just about to disappear until the morrow, our backyard actually looks just like this.  But at THIS particular moment I am pre-shutter release manipulating the scene by holding my sunglasses up in front of my … Continue reading

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Blueberry Pancakes

  We had blueberry pancakes, cheesy polenta, bacon, and poached eggs for our Sunday brunch today.  These were the prettiest part of the meal.

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Chicago to Paris by way of New Mexico

The Green Chile Stew that I tried for the first time a year or so ago has become a real favorite.  This was the end of the line from the last batch, so I pumped it up with huge chunks … Continue reading

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BBQ Beef, Spanish Rice, Mexican Grey Squash

This meal was so flavorful, that the BBQ beef was practically superfluous.  The Spanish Rice had wonderful flavor from herbs and bacon, and a bit of body from a modicum of cheese. Mexican Grey Squash is much like zucchini, only … Continue reading

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