Mama’s Little Helpers


Left to right: Calphalon pan making rice, 3-quart InstantPot making ham and veggie soup, 6-quart InstantPot making navy beans.

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Buffalo Ghee

LEARNING CURVE = More work needed !!!

I tried posting yesterday’s blog entry directly from my iPad last night, but seems that it works differently from the iPhone.  So the picture got published before I had written any text.

Likewise just now when I tried to send the photo of the ghee to WordPress, but instead, it published.  I do this routinely from my iPhone, so not clear what I am doing wrong with the iPad.  Thanks for your indulgence in this snafu.

Hopefully I will get it straightened around because I take a lot of the photos with my iPad now because of the much improved camera over my ancient iPhone.

So just briefly to catch up . . .

This was the fourth and final dinner from a package of boneless rib eye steaks that were on sale at Fry’s this week.  The package was just over $13., which made me gasp, but this amount of meat was a bit skimpy compared to our other servings, which were more generous.  We are not big meat eaters, so this amount was quite satisfying.

I haven’t had any experience with prices in a fast food burger joint for several decades, but I’m guessing that our final cost of <$2. per serving is less than a commercial patty-on-a-bun offering.  In adding up the cost of everything you see in the pan, I’m guessing it was about $5.00.

Now . . . buffalo ghee?  Yes!  I found it in Trader Joe’s and was curious.  It’s not clear I will ever buy it again, but it is fun working with it now.  It had its own distinctive flavor, which was strong, but not objectionable.  Despite its uniqueness, it had a “flat” taste to me, so I jazzed it up with a pile of various Penzey’s herbs.

I used it this time when the veggies were nearly finished cooking to reheat the rice.  It took on the yellowish color of the ghee, which prompted me to reach for the curry powder to enhance the color.  I am not much of a fan of curry, so use it in small amounts.  This was just enough to make it interesting.

The little grape tomatoes are in season now and Safeway frequently has their store brand of them on sale.  Biting into a hot grape tomato will get your attention!

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Buffalo Ghee

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Rib Eye Steak and Stir Fry

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Quinoa, Peppers, Broccoli

There are a few weeks of the year when our local ethnic grocery store has all colors of bell peppers on sale for 3/$1..  This is a happy time for us, as we are able to be totally profligate and decadent in gorging ourselves with these lovelies.

I “cook” quinoa in a vacuum bottle until it is done, and then it stays warm for several hours without further cooking.  This little trick makes it easy to put together a nutritious meal like is shown above in just a few moments.

I sautéed the peppers, mushrooms, and onions in this big pan, and then added previously steamed broccoli and the quinoa so that everything heated at the same time.

There was a meat portion for each of us, but what it was escapes me at the moment.  I’m pretty sure it was roast chicken that I reheated by piling slices on top of the vegetables shown above after I took this photo.

Don’t be afraid to steam more veggies than you need for just one meal, as they reheat very well, and this process really cuts down on prep time for the second use.

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Brie and Salami Snack Plate


DH was ready to go to the gym for his daily workout, but the hungries grabbed us both as he walked by.  This little platter went together in about two minutes, and provided our sustenance for a couple of hours.

Salami, Brie, Cheddar, blackberries and an apple – YUM!

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Alouette, gentille alouette . . .

Every time I get this box of Brie out, the above song starts up in my head.  I had no idea what it is about, but now I do.

Remember that loaf of bread with the big top?  Well, here’s a piece of it as part of our lunch the other day.  The egg dish is just eggs (with a teaspoon of flour, some Montreal Steak Seasoning, and two tablespoons of sour cream) spread out in the pan and dotted with bits of pre-cooked breakfast sausage, mushrooms, pasilla peppers, and a generous glob of Extra Sharp Cheddar.  There were a few hash browns left from the night before, so they were the perfect accompaniment.

The Brie, the bread and the salad (with pistachios) made this a very satisfying brunch dish.

NB:  SOMEone snitched a bite of my toast!

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