Hot Club Sandwich on Sourdough

One of our favorites –

Remember those two turkey breasts from about a week or so ago?  Well, I dragged out one of the packages from the freezer and started making lunches with it.

This was the result – A Hot Club Sandwich

Toasted sourdough French bread, a layer of Provolone cheese, a layer of Virginia Ham; then a generous portion of the turkey, topped with thick slices of Roma tomatoes.  A little Caesar dressing on top of the turkey, and a tiny dollop on top of the tomato . . . need I say more?  ;->


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The New Girl in Town


After YEARS and YEARS of looking, we finally found our dream RV online.   But – oh, dear – she’s in Virginia !!!

Long story short – this beautiful Pleasure-Way Excel TS is now in our driveway thanks to the incredible cooperation of the seller, Gary Wiseman of Platinum Auto World. I simply can’t say enough good things about this transaction.

If the stars align that Gary has a vehicle that you want, he will make it happen for you!!

That’s the good news . . .

The bad news is that DH is having enough of a health crisis that he has not even been able to go out the front door to get inside to bond with JOYCE (her new name) since we brought her home a week ago.  More on the name in the next post.

He seems to be feeling a tad better this morning, so maybe today is the day.

Please REJOICE with us!  ;->

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Krakow Nights

For the last year or so, I have been supporting Penzey’s Spices’ agenda and thus have acquired quite a variety of herbs, spices, and other additions to food preparation and enjoyment.

An interesting combination is Krakow Nights – Polish Style Seasoning.

The ingredients are:

Salt, black and white pepper, sugar, coriander, garlic, mustard, marjoram, mace, and savory.

This was quite delightful with the Cheesy Polenta and Poached Egg.  The pancakes du jour were the much coveted Corn and Blueberry, which I will tell you about soon.


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Now and Later

These two lovelies roasted to perfection at the same time in my 18-quart Nesco Roaster (easy to clean up), so there were not even any oven splatters to deal with.

I cut one of them up into meal-sized pieces to freeze, and froze the other one whole to minimize moisture loss.

The best part?  One of them was free!

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Italian Aubergine and Dirty Rice

This doesn’t look very exciting, but I can assure you that it was flavorful way beyond its appearance. It was lunch time, just walking in the door from a medical ordeal – and boy, were we hungry!

Available items were skimpy, so I had to become Super Chef very quickly.  A bit of Spanish Rice was enriched with Italian sausage (which I keep cooked up and frozen in small little balls).  Happily there were also two of the aubergine slices covered in cheeses and Italian tomato sauce from a few nights previous, just begging to become part of this delicious lunch.

I whipped out my favorite re-juvenating tool – a 12-inch Calphalon frying pan – added about a tablespoon of water and heated it up.  The water keeps it from getting too hot, but you need to watch it so that it doesn’t all go up in steam.

When it was hot, I added the Spanish Rice and Italian sausage, and got it almost crispy.  Meanwhile, I put the aubergine in the microwave for about 30-60 seconds, just to get it heated through.  This saves time getting it hot in the frying pan, and lessens the possibility of burning the bottom of the eggplant

I sprayed the whole thing with a good dose of distilled water from my spray bottle, covered the pan, turned the heat down, and let everything come to an agreeable temperature – which took about ten minutes, checking from time to time with great anticipation.

A little extra salsa on the rice, and a good amount of shaved Parmesan on top of the aubergine – et voilá – we feasted!



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Colossal Cave, Arizona

A piece honoring the hundreds of CCC workers that helped to build the interior and exterior of Colossal Cave, where we met up with an RV friend, Diane, yesterday.  It is an amazing bit of work.

Couldn’t help but wonder why a similar program is not in place today to help with the rebuilding of our infrastructure.


Here are the intrepid faux spelunkers at the end of the cave crawl.  Doncha’ just love Diane’s shirt?  ;->


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Florida Hike – Fisheating Creek

My son and a friend took a hike in South Central Florida last weekend.

Way to improvise a hammock, and kick back to relax to the max.

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