Pomegranate Seeds and Persimmon Slices


Not really much to say about this photo.  I sliced up a smallish Fuyu persimmon, and sprinkled some pomegranate seeds on it as a snack for DH to grab on his way to the gym.

There was about half of it left by the time he passed by.

So yummy!  A really fun combination of flavors, with the tartness of the seeds providing great interest.

There is one more persimmon on the window sill for today.

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PAC Man Tostadas



I finally managed to get myself to the grocery store, and right inside my front door, I dropped the bag with the eggs.  Only one egg casualty, but the tostada shells were shattered.  Some were salvageable, so tostadas for lunch!  I could help but see the humor in the resultant shaped shells.

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The Weight of the World

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The Boneless Chicken Ranch

This cut of chicken is new to me.  It is a single piece of leg and thigh meat, but with no bone.  I can’t imagine how they extract the bone without mangling the meat, but it makes for a delicious main dish.

I dredged those huge pieces in herbed-up flour and lightly fried them in coconut oil.  It is hard to tell from the photo, but the pieces were huge – that is a twelve-inch frying pan.  I cut one of the pieces that you see into four smaller pieces, and we ate three of them between us.

We much prefer the much juicier thigh meat to the boneless breast meat, so this has been a great find for us.  It is slightly less expensive than breast meat, but not enough to make a difference in use.  Frequently the boneless breasts are on sale for $1.77 a pound here, and these leg/thigh “cutlets” were $1.69 a pound at regular price.  With no waste on either cut, either one is  a really good value for low-calorie protein.

The Rice Pilaf was a great accompaniment with the roasted green peppers for extra flavor.  We also had fresh beets, which cooked quite quickly in the InstantPot.  They were superb!

I credit Penzey’s spices with making this a most memorable dinner.  I have recently invested in a whole new retinue of spices, and am having a lot of fun with this experimentation.

I may line them all up and take their portrait!



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Red, Ripe Tomatoes

Same ol’ Salami and Swiss on grilled sourdough French bread, with more of the roasted red peppers, but those tomatoes really made the meal.  We had a container of cucumber sticks with Bleu cheese dressing as a dip.  A delightful lunch.

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Swiss, Salami, and Roasted Green Peppers


Yes, everything is “roasted peppers” these days.  I’m putting them in, on, and around just about anything I make.  Every lunch and dinner has peppers in some form.

The Triscuit snacks above are an especial favorite.

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Sourdough Bread and Roasted Peppers

Yesterday was a very busy day.  Can’t believe I got so much done, but two of the best things you can see above!

In a propitious confluence of events, our local ethnic market had all the peppers in the colors you see above on sale for 3/$.99, so six of each color ended up on my counter, ready for processing.  No room to keep that many peppers in the refrigerator, or even in my auxiliary “refrigerator” – my Five-Day Coleman cooler – enhanced with frozen gallon milk containers.

So . . .

Since it was baking day, and the oven is heated to 500° to bake the bread, it was a no-brainer to make haste to get the peppers cut in half so I could shove them into the hot oven as soon as the bread was finished.

I cut off the top ~one inch of each pepper and cut the rest into halves, and roasted them twelve pieces at a time.  This meant four rounds of peppers into that really hot oven.  Good thing it was not a particularly hot day, or it would have been unbearable in the kitchen.  The tops of each pepper were more easily stowed in the refrigerator for ad hoc use in the days to come.

The peppers were a stellar part of lunch today.  In the Cuisinart Oven Central, I toasted pieces of the fresh sourdough bread with Swiss cheese, and then added halves of the yellow peppers on top.  Two bowls of hearty, homemade soup, with Romaine and tomato salad for side dishes, and we were in lunch-time heaven.

I usually freeze these beauties for use throughout the next few months, but they are so much more delicious if not frozen first, I am going to make an attempt to gobble them all up before they lose their freshness.

What a fun goal!  ;->






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