Fox Point


Not all of our meals are really worthy of showcasing on here, but even the ones that don’t ring the bell visually are unbelievably delicious in the eating phase.

Here is an example:  This is a slice of roasted chicken breast, with a fresh beet and two small Yukon Gold potatoes.  Even now, when I look at this photo, it doesn’t really look all that appealing, but I can assure you that when I was shoveling it into my face, I was enjoying every mouthful.

Before eating it, of course, I made smaller bits of the potatoes and beets, and the entire plate was covered with food, so what looks like a scanty plate of food in the photo, was quite a satisfying amount for the dinner meal.

The Fox Point is an herb mixture from Penzey’s Spices, which is my current darling.  I mixed it into some sour cream to dot my browned (and yes, leftover!) potatoes, and could have put some on the chicken breast, but didn’t think of it before snapping the picture.  I did put a small blob of Bleu Cheese Dressing on the plate as a bit of a “dipping sauce” for the meat.

The beets (also leftover and reheated with the potatoes in a frying pan on the stove) had a bit of a butter shimmer, but really didn’t require much in the way of any seasoning.

I have found that this way of reheating food is so satisfactory that I sometimes make a component of a meal in advance, and then do the reheating at dinner time.  I’m not sure they are then “leftovers”, but certainly they could be categorized as “planned overs”.

Makes meal prep really fun instead of a drudge.

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A Leaf Sandwich

SUBTITLE:  Think B I G !!

I’m not entirely sure where he was going with this treasure.  The nearby anthill’s opening was only ant sized.  Maybe they had a picnic.  I forgot to go back to look later, so no denouement to the story.

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Sometimes, when the sun is just about to disappear until the morrow, our backyard actually looks just like this.  But at THIS particular moment I am pre-shutter release manipulating the scene by holding my sunglasses up in front of my iPad!  We were trying to see how the polarizer feature of the sunglasses would translate to an ordinary photo.

Tobacco, sepia, or polarizer filters make fun toys for the camera buff, but whilst we wait for Amazon to deliver, we will just improvise!

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Blueberry Pancakes


We had blueberry pancakes, cheesy polenta, bacon, and poached eggs for our Sunday brunch today.  These were the prettiest part of the meal.

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Chicago to Paris by way of New Mexico

The Green Chile Stew that I tried for the first time a year or so ago has become a real favorite.  This was the end of the line from the last batch, so I pumped it up with huge chunks of roasted pork rib meat.

I get the gigantic packages of these meaty ribs when they are on sale, batch roast them, and then package them up in meal-sized portions.  So wonderful to pull out and personalize.

The steamed shredded carrots were just the right choice for color, nutrition and flavor.  The curly noodles made it fun and satisfying.

The Penzey’s Chicago Seasoning gave a bit of smokiness and the Sunny Paris added its usual lilt and pizzazz.

My only regret was that we ate it all!

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BBQ Beef, Spanish Rice, Mexican Grey Squash

This meal was so flavorful, that the BBQ beef was practically superfluous.  The Spanish Rice had wonderful flavor from herbs and bacon, and a bit of body from a modicum of cheese.

Mexican Grey Squash is much like zucchini, only better. It cooks quickly and has a really thin skin. It seems to absorb the flavors of the onions and peppers, with just about any seasonings enhancing the overall ambience. It will complement Mexican or Italian cuisine, with appropriate seasonings.

I haven’t specifically ever tried to make a soup out of the grey squash, but have tossed leftover bits into a catch-all type minestrone.

If you see it, give it a try!  ;->

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A Penne for Your Thoughts

Remember the Eggplant Ragout and the Mini Penne?  Well, of course there was leftover penne (so handy to have at the ready), so a quick lunch was available by sautéing some pasilla and red peppers, and scallions – then adding a spoon or two of fresh salsa.  A couple of scrambled eggs finished off this lovely repast.  My new favorite herb for this sort of thing is now Tuscany Sunset from Penzey’s, and topped with a dollop of sour cream, this was just the most fabulous lunch!

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