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Sampler Plate

I have acquired a holder and a small tripod with a ball head for my iPad, so now I can take pictures of our food without trying to hold the pad steady.  I have been mostly using the iPhone, but … Continue reading

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Poached and Pancake

Our usual Sunday Special Brunch was a little different today. This is polenta with cheese and chives, topped with a pepper ratatouille; a poached egg; a breakfast sausage; a half-piece of bacon; and a pancake made from the leftover egg/milk … Continue reading

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Pasilla Burger

  We love chili rellenos, but my few attempts to make them resulted in too much effort for too little reward, so we usually get them during the few eating out forays that we adventure out on.  BUT – pasilla … Continue reading

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Mushroom Burger

  Freshly-made buns, fresh tomatoes, sautéed mushrooms, Cheddar cheese, avocado, and a smear of Bleu cheese dressing complete this delicious burger.  After the portrait was made, I added catsup and relish.  The other burger on the table had a slice … Continue reading

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Beef, Bacon, and Peruano Beans

   A bit of a burger, a half slice of bacon on a fresh-yesterday sesame bun, and a bowl of Peruano beans and bulgur.  The bean soup has Texas sweet onions, marinated tomato bits, some fresh tomatoes, some Italian seasoning, … Continue reading

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Stir Fry with Orecchiette

I just love the bright colors of any stir fry, and this one was especially good. I wrapped a piece of bacon around already-cooked boneless chicken thighs, reheated them enough so that the bacon cooked, and served them with the … Continue reading

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Swiss Bacon Burger

Here is another use for the pre-cooked bacon. As mentioned in another post, I cooked four burgers, even though we were eating only two. A delicious lunch was the benefit the next day. Stay tuned! ;->

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