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Bee Careful

  I know . . . everyone posts “the bee in the flower” captures – so here’s mine!  He disappeared down out of sight, but I just kept the phone trained on the spot, and soon he reappeared.  Got him! … Continue reading

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Does This Pollen Make My Butt Look Big?

Because of all of the collapsing colonies of bees, the ones that are left must work harder and harder. It is cactus flower season here now – just finishing up – so our friends have been very busy lately.

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Red Fishhook Cactus Flower Life Cycle

These flowers fascinate me . . . and the bees, too. Can you see the bee in here? He burrows in, covers himself with the pollen, comes up for air and then immediately dives in again on the next flower. … Continue reading

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To Bee or Not to Bee

Click on a photo to enlarge it. We had a most violent storm last night – nothing like I’ve ever experienced here. It was more like the hurricanes I remember from Florida. We fretted about our wildlife friends while we … Continue reading

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