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Breakfast Brown Bread – with seeds

Inspired by all of the delicious-looking brown breads that I see at Schnippelboy, I ventured out.  I started with a recipe for Anadama Bread and added a lot of seeds, probably too many. I look forward to having a slice this morning … Continue reading

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Three Pepper Supreme Cheeseburger 

Summer has definitely arrived in our desert.  The good part is that lovely green chilis are starting to show up in earnest.  We have some kind most of the year, but as summer arrives, and turns to fall, the harvest … Continue reading

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Impulse Biscuits

  I was watching a YouTube video of someone making “Cowboy Biscuits” by using newspaper as a mixing place instead of a bowl.  This seemed unappealing to me, albeit easy to fold up and throw away.  I reckoned that washing out … Continue reading

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French Toast Double Play

  For our special breakfast last Sunday we substituted French toast for the requisite blueberry pancakes.  There were (by design, of course) enough pieces left over for bedtime snacks for Mr. Night Owl and/or after-dinner desserts. Here you see the toast, warmed … Continue reading

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Arizona Sourdough Bread

I’m happy to report that the sourdough bread came out perfectly!  My new starter has a ways to go before it is as sour as my ten-year old one that I had had going in California for all those years. … Continue reading

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Cheese Bread, Light

Just before popping them into the oven. What are those little dots? That is a heaping helping of teff, an Ethiopian grain. The word itself means “lost”, I’ve read. And I can see how that is. If one of the … Continue reading

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Round Pizza

In the “duh” department . . . If one intends a round shape, it is easier to start with round, as opposed to square. When my dough comes out of the bread machine, it is quite easy to shape, but … Continue reading

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