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Mountains and Trees

How fortunate we are to have this pleasant scenery just fifteen or so minutes from our house.  It makes it possible to gather up our camera equipment and dash out just to do some experimenting with our toys. I have … Continue reading

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Brown Canyon Ranch

We spontaneously took our lunch out to nearby Brown Canyon Ranch this afternoon.  The golden hour light was lovely.  There are nice trails there, and they allow horseback riding on them as well as hiking.  While we were there a … Continue reading

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Frontier Justice

   This plate was on the back of a really old pick up truck at Brown Canyon Ranch where we went to photograph last week.  It brought up a lot of thoughts about how policing has changed over the years. 

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Twice-baked Potatoes – in Quicktime

Sometimes solutions just fall on me out of the sky. I had “baked” six huge Russet potatoes in a marathon session in the Crock-Pot, so had them on hand. A couple of nights before that, I had made some mashed … Continue reading

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The Original and The Colorful

The original, straight out of the camera, shot looked like this – above. Blah and boring. My first iteration was in my usual bright colors mode – like this – below. Charming on its own, but I wanted the “old” … Continue reading

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A Long Ago Cupboard

This is how the cupboard looked to my eye.

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The Beautiful Bowl

A quick run out to Brown Canyon Ranch for photos this afternoon provided me with this pleasing tableau.

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What is a Fence For?

Clearly these three stalks are not concerned with encroachment! Maybe they just want a better view. ;->

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The Path to Nowhere

Brave soul that I am (NOT!), I wandered down this path . . . until I caught up with the rest of the group taking photos at Brown Canyon Ranch.

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Brown Canyon Ranch – Who Knew?

A mere ten miles from our house – but only about seven as the crow flies, if he flew straight out from our deck – is a fabulous place for photo ops! It took three hours of strolling the grounds … Continue reading

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