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Our Cherished Friend, the Bee

    Taken with an ancient iPhone 6+ (8MP). He and I played peekaboo for quite a while the other day.  He would come up from the depths to take this view of “the creature who watches me”, and then … Continue reading

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Colossal Cave, Arizona

A piece honoring the hundreds of CCC workers that helped to build the interior and exterior of Colossal Cave, where we met up with an RV friend, Diane, yesterday.  It is an amazing bit of work. Couldn’t help but wonder … Continue reading

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Which Plum Didn’t Get the Memo?

   Our cactus plant has a bazillion of these plums on it, but apparently there was a miscommunication somewhere along the line. 

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Fading Flowers

We were lucky enough to catch these cactus flowers on three subsequent days as they went through their life cycle. Above is as buds. And below is in full flower. And this is as they are closing up shop. There … Continue reading

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Does This Pollen Make My Butt Look Big?

Because of all of the collapsing colonies of bees, the ones that are left must work harder and harder. It is cactus flower season here now – just finishing up – so our friends have been very busy lately.

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The Red-Haired Orchestra Conductor

This scene reminded me of an orchestra ready to play beautiful music under the baton of a thin, red-haired conductor. He has a helper at his feet to help turn the pages of the score. The cymbals will wake him … Continue reading

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One-Day Red Cactus Flowers

I found these beautiful cactus flowers today on our walk around the park. I think these are the kind that are open for only one day, but I will check tomorrow to be sure. I didn’t have my camera with … Continue reading

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Ice Cream Cone Cactus

Remember these slide holders? I used to buy them in multi-hundred lots. Where are they all today?

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Red Fishhook Cactus Flower Life Cycle

These flowers fascinate me . . . and the bees, too. Can you see the bee in here? He burrows in, covers himself with the pollen, comes up for air and then immediately dives in again on the next flower. … Continue reading

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Cactus wearing a necklace

These little flowers blossomed out for a few days, then were gone.

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