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Five-grain Cereal with Almonds

The tapioca experiments are ongoing, and you will be hearing a lot more about them, but meanwhile, I wanted to share this bowl of cereal that I am, at this very moment, consuming with great joy. If is our usual … Continue reading

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Summer = Wonderful Fruits

I fix a big bowl of seasonal fruits every morning, and every morning more and more of it disappears. Today there were a few slices of the muskmelon and two blackberries left after the cereal locust came through. Not shown, … Continue reading

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A Little Cereal with His Fruit

A Little Cereal with His Fruit Last night’s dinner picture will appear tomorrow. DH was so enthralled with his cereal, that he wanted me to post it for all to see. Reason? He is a former fruit hater, but somehow … Continue reading

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I can’t get my head around “Smoothies”, but yesterday I made a “Chunky”. It was unintentional, actually. I got too much yogurt and orange juice in my cooked five-grain cereal with fruit, so I just put it into a glass. … Continue reading

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