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Bowl o’ Rolls

Monday night I made some calzone using a new-to-me bread recipe.  The bread was great, but I made a rookie’s mistake and forgot to grease the pan.  I just put down some cornmeal on the insulated air bake pan.  They … Continue reading

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Lickety-Split Rustic Dinner Rolls

The key word here is “rustic”!  These are not to be confused the gorgeous Parkerhouse Rolls, but they taste just about the same to me. This is one of the few things for which I actually use a recipe.  I … Continue reading

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Cheese Bread, Light

Just before popping them into the oven. What are those little dots? That is a heaping helping of teff, an Ethiopian grain. The word itself means “lost”, I’ve read. And I can see how that is. If one of the … Continue reading

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