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Bunny Escape Route

  The bunnies (mostly cottontails) hop in and out of our yard, taking shelter under our workshop or under the house via a tiny opening around the air conditioner compressor.  We’re pretty sure that a squirrel that has been around … Continue reading

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Three To Go

  Here they are as newborns (above).  There are three tiny babies in there – seems like only yesterday ! And here they are a few days ago (below). TODAY!  The largest one is out of the nest and having … Continue reading

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Fading Rose

   Every day we walked by this rosebush, but the wind was always blowing just enough to jiggle the lovely blossoms.   I couldn’t help myself – I just had to have a portrait! With the help of Mobile Monet, … Continue reading

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What is a Fence For?

Clearly these three stalks are not concerned with encroachment! Maybe they just want a better view. ;->

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Six “Morning” Doves

We noticed that there was a dearth of birds this morning, and then I looked at the thermometer . . . just under forty degrees. I guess the birds don’t come out until the temperature is a bit higher. Sure … Continue reading

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Now What?

I saw the hawk and started snapping his portrait, but wondered what he was looking at so intently. Swung the camera over to the right a bit, and there was our furry friend, looking just a mite on the frightened … Continue reading

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Bachelor Bob by the Morning Glory

Bachelor Bob has a happy smile today. His constant calling has paid off. He is set to meet a mate. “I’ll be the one by the morning glory”, he said on Facebook. Click once for a closer view of his … Continue reading

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