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The Jade Beetle

He thought he was all alone on the back step, but he didn’t reckon that I had been out for the first time procuring victuals to help us through this hard time and would be making a couple of trips … Continue reading

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I’m not as sure footed as I once was, so when I go out to fill the water pond for the animals, I always take my phone in case I slip and fall. Good thing I had it today because … Continue reading

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Our Cherished Friend, the Bee

    Taken with an ancient iPhone 6+ (8MP). He and I played peekaboo for quite a while the other day.  He would come up from the depths to take this view of “the creature who watches me”, and then … Continue reading

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Mantis in the Street

Tonight DH was walking home from the gym, and he spotted something black making haste to cross the street in front of him.  Upon closer inspection, it was a millipede.  How very exciting! The above picture is NOT a millipede!  … Continue reading

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A Leaf Sandwich

SUBTITLE:  Think B I G !! I’m not entirely sure where he was going with this treasure.  The nearby anthill’s opening was only ant sized.  Maybe they had a picnic.  I forgot to go back to look later, so no … Continue reading

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Bee Careful

  I know . . . everyone posts “the bee in the flower” captures – so here’s mine!  He disappeared down out of sight, but I just kept the phone trained on the spot, and soon he reappeared.  Got him!

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One-inch Hopper

  I was coming back from filling the water pond for our possible guests, and saw this little fellow (at one inch long, he is, indeed, VERY tiny).  He was nearly invisible because he was so tiny, and nearly completely blended … Continue reading

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Foot Soldier

The Mexican Generals (the big black and yellow and orange grasshoppers) are starting to show up since the rains have slowed down. I’m not seeing very many in our yard this year, or on the roads, where they sometimes make … Continue reading

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Preying Mantis, Loaded

I think her fetching smile and glamorous antennae played a part in getting her in “the family way”. Click once and let it load; then click again for a real close-up portrait of this intricate creature.

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Tarantula Breath

Hey! A juicy spider . . . wait a minute. It’s a tarantula! Aren’t they poisonous? Better look him over carefully. Taking advantage of the break in the activity, the tarantula makes a run for it. So, what do you … Continue reading

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Hobby Lobby Hopper

Walmart made itself a new building, and the old one stayed vacant for quite a while, but earlier this month Hobby Lobby opened a store there – and today we visited it. Oooooooh – fabrics – I haven’t been able … Continue reading

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A Rare Sight – A Patterned Butterfly

The yellow flowers were all waving “Good Morning” to me, so I raced out to photograph them at their loveliest. We have some white, some black, and some yellow butterflies – not many, really – but seldom do we see … Continue reading

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To Bee or Not to Bee

Click on a photo to enlarge it. We had a most violent storm last night – nothing like I’ve ever experienced here. It was more like the hurricanes I remember from Florida. We fretted about our wildlife friends while we … Continue reading

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