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Cows in the Meadow

Not a very productive day – photowise – but there were some good shots to be had, even from the window of the van as we bumpity-bumped along the very rough gravel road on the way to Cascabel. As it … Continue reading

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Pizza and Deer

We had already eaten the pizza by the time this fellow appeared out the kitchen window. He was limping pretty badly, so we wondered if the coyotes had been nipping at his back legs. A beautiful animal!! I hope he … Continue reading

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You may remember this cute little fellow . . . Every now and then we think he may have returned when we didn’t see him, to leave a warning to make sure no other animal was encroaching on his territory. … Continue reading

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Fox on Deck

When we got home this afternoon, after five grueling hours with the medicos and starving for lunch, we were greeted by this adorable creature sleeping on our deck. He moved from one sleeping spot to another for a couple of … Continue reading

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Spotted Squirrel

The spotted squirrel – so named because it is rare to spot one around here, and he has spots, which I’ve never seen before. Have you? Note the cactus wren advising him on how to choose his next meal. This … Continue reading

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Poor Little Sausage

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reggie_Perrin A little-known (in the United States, anyway) and short-lived British comedy show from 2009-ish was called “Reggie Perrin”, and starred Martin Clunes, who you may know better as “Doc Martin”. In this show, Martin Clunes has some of the … Continue reading

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The Start of a Beautiful Friendship

There are three jackrabbits that come to our water hole. These two look almost identical, and the third one looks to be an older doe – maybe the mother of these two. This is the best shot I have . … Continue reading

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Tiny Pig Feet

Believe it or not, that massive body is held up quite admirably by these tiny little feeters! When the herd passes by, it sounds like a herd of tiny horses – they actually make a clopping sound. Not exactly a … Continue reading

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Baby Javelina

As the thin layer of snow melted away, we were surprised to see a herd of about six javelina out seeking acorns during the day – very unusual. They usually appear just about the time it gets darkish, so they … Continue reading

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Two yearling elk dancing

I know, too much manipulation! But these guys were right at the very edge of a photograph, and I didn’t even know they were there until I got home and was looking at the pictures on my computer. They were … Continue reading

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Jackrabbit hopping away

Jackrabbit hopping away

Jackrabbit as he hops away, crossing paths with the cottontail heading for his afternoon libation.

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Jackrabbit (finally)

This guy has been teasing me for weeks! We have a “watering hole” on the outside of our rail fence for the various animals to be able to get water in this arid part of the country. This jackrabbit found … Continue reading

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Nighttime serenade

At night sometimes the coyotes sound like they are this close. But sound travels far, so they are probably a fair distance away.

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