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Japanese Bird Bath

Since I never see any birds in this birdbath, I presume there is no water in it. Nevertheless, it is a lovely ornament on its own.

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Fading Flowers

We were lucky enough to catch these cactus flowers on three subsequent days as they went through their life cycle. Above is as buds. And below is in full flower. And this is as they are closing up shop. There … Continue reading

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The Butterfly Girl and the Chinaberry Tree

Melia azedarach We’ll call her Mel, for short! ;-> But, watch out! She’s well armed for butterfly pursuits. What are all those little yellow balls on the ground? Those are the Chinaberries – from the Chinaberry Tree that you see … Continue reading

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Here’s Bird in Your Eye

Looks like there might be a whole apartment building full of tiny birds behind that smiling face.

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The Yellow Sibling

Yellow is such a happy color! It may not be easy to be green if you are a Muppet character, but this mellow fellow has no problem being yellow! ;->

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Now That’s A Red Flower !

This lovely flower has a yellow sibling, which you will see tomorrow.

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Heading for the Hollyhocks

These guys were making a break for it – one of them still in his striped uniform.

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The Red-Haired Orchestra Conductor

This scene reminded me of an orchestra ready to play beautiful music under the baton of a thin, red-haired conductor. He has a helper at his feet to help turn the pages of the score. The cymbals will wake him … Continue reading

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Many Pink Flowers

For a few days each year, this tree is breathtakingly beautiful with its blossoms at their fullest. Then the street is littered with sad-looking, trumpet-shaped flowers, some of which have already made the journey. Once the flowers are gone, huge … Continue reading

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