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NOLA Boy and the Owl

Just before Christmas the helicopter was flying NOLA Boy to the hospital in Tucson.  In two weeks, I got him back.  Another two and a half weeks, and the miracle boy is fresh out of the shower that he managed … Continue reading

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Owl – 2020

For the last couple of weeks we have been hearing the familiar hooting sounds of our own personal owl.  There haven’t been any replies, so guess he is a loner. I’m not clear if this is our usual guest at … Continue reading

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Ten-Minute Glow

This is what I saw when I woke up this morning.  I have a new camera, so here was the perfect use for it.  The whole sky to the south and east was on fire.  What you see above is … Continue reading

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Owl Totem

Yesterday we were about one third of the distance to Patagonia at an appointment, and in a wild and crazy moment, we did something spontaneous!  We drove the rest of the way there, AND ate lunch out. Neither of us … Continue reading

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First it was the woodpeckers, screeching and flying about. Then the Chihuahuan ravens took over, squawking and flapping. We figured there was a snake about somewhere because that’s what we hear from the birds when they are worried about a … Continue reading

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Owl in the Treetop

All morning long we were hearing a faint hoot, hoot, hoot coming in the back door. I made a foray out to see if our friend, the owl baby, had come to visit again, but couldn’t see him anywhere. Time … Continue reading

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Baby Great Horned Owl

There was a movement just outside the kitchen window, and I looked up to see this baby owl flutter down onto the crook that is supposed to hold a bird feeder. He didn’t look entirely comfortable, and had his back … Continue reading

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The Owl Diner

For those of you who read the “Animals Spotted” page (above), you will have already seen this picture of our newest resident. I’m trying to add to the Animals Spotted page every day, so if you are interested in animals, … Continue reading

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