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Pomegranate Seeds and Persimmon Slices

  Not really much to say about this photo.  I sliced up a smallish Fuyu persimmon, and sprinkled some pomegranate seeds on it as a snack for DH to grab on his way to the gym. There was about half … Continue reading

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Ladies and Gentleman

These lovely ladies came to call a couple of afternoons ago.  It was just at the time of day when that golden glow falls over our world.  These two are taking aim at the pomegranate fruits that are on our … Continue reading

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The End of the Rana

This was far more delicious than it appears, and it is the last seven little tortellinis from a package of refrigerated prepared pastas. Yeah, I know – not something I usually get. But it had a special magic aura about … Continue reading

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The Pomegranate 

Received this as a hostess gift and let it ripen for several weeks.     Watched a few videos on how best to get out the seeds.  Here are the results of Step 1.     See those white membranes?  Removing those … Continue reading

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