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The Copper Chair

Well, not really copper – it’s just a plain white plastic chair sitting in the corner of my aunt’s porch in Fort Myers, Florida. The simplicity of it begged me to play with the colors. The chair cast an interesting … Continue reading

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Five Pears and a Tomatillo

These lovely pears came home with me from the grocery store and just begged to “be in pictures”. I have been harboring that tomatillo for about a month or so, thinking I would do a series of pictures about it. … Continue reading

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Leaf indecision

One of the last green leaves on this tree just couldn’t make up its mind about whether to turn yellow or not. He wanted to fit in with the group, yet retain his individualism. Eventually Mother Nature coaxed him along, … Continue reading

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Whistling bottle

Whistling bottle

This bottle sits on the windowsill in the kitchen, and when the wind comes from that direction, there is the faintest sound produced by the bottle. When I took a picture of it, the sun’s rays produced more color than is seen by the naked eye.

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