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Eating Triscuits and Cheese with an eFriend

This is just a quick little FEEL GOOD fun post. We have been watching excellent video after excellent video from Tristan Higbee of SUVRVing, who is chronicling his exceedingly interesting hiking and mountain climbing adventures, mostly in Arizona, Utah, Idaho, … Continue reading

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Hummus Supreme

  I’m never shy about mixing and matching things that appeal to me.  Almost never does it turn out to be something that is inedible.  And this is far and away one of the very “bestest” combinations yet! It is … Continue reading

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Hummus with Pickled Peppers

  Having used up the entire jar of tahini a few months ago, I forgot all about making hummus on a regular basis.  In the grocery store the other day, I found a teensy container of hummus with some flat … Continue reading

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Sunflower Seed Butter

I like peanut butter . . . but not a lot.  Peanut butter and jelly?  ICK!  Thankfully my mother always had leftover chicken or roast of some kind to make my sandwiches as a kid, so I never had to … Continue reading

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