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Sonoita Winery Door

Someone posted on Facebook that they had visited overnight at a local winery, which reminded me of the many hours we have spent photographing out there.  This door is especially enticing as a subject. There are usually one or two … Continue reading

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Bruschetta from the Winery

This is my version of a representation of the delicious bruschetta that we purchased at the winery.  It was only a coincidence that I placed it on this chopping block/hot pad for its portrait.  I guess the complementary colors drew … Continue reading

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The Other Side of the Trees

Here is the other side of the trees – from the winery – looking back down the road the way we came.  The winding road, looked at from this direction, is the tiny little line at the bottom left of … Continue reading

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After we left the winery, we drove on down the road towards Parker Canyon Lake, but it was getting late, so we turned around to head home.  But not before seeing this lovely home.  I have no idea who lives … Continue reading

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Winding Road to Tres Trees at the Winery

As we started up the squiggly road to the winery, we screeched to a halt so I could take this photograph.  The way the road led to the trees on the horizon was irresistible!  And, no, I didn’t do anything … Continue reading

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  We didn’t go far, and not for very long, but . . . YAY . . . we got out on a road trip yesterday. We had planned to go to Patagonia Lake State Park, but we got waylaid … Continue reading

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The Grapes of Wrath

These lovely green grapes joined the red-purple ones in our refrigerator today, and I was just mesmerized by how lovely they look. Don’t you agree? What exactly are grapes of wrath, anyway? I set out to find out, and the … Continue reading

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