Metal Dragonfly

I looked up just in time. He was about to fly off to do whatever it is that dragonflies do. Just what do dragonflies do, anyway?


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5 Responses to Metal Dragonfly

  1. Carol Nagengast says:

    Eat mosquitoes!


  2. Linda Sand says:

    Carol beat me to it. We should all love dragonflies. 🙂


  3. Craig says:

    All I’ve ever seen them do, since there are no longer any dragons, is chase other dragonflies.


  4. Camilla says:

    They spend all their time flying around my pond swooping and darting to eat bugs. In turn the bass are just under the surface waiting for one to swoop too close then they sail out of the pond and nab a meal. They also like to spend time sitting on the end of fishing poles people watching.


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