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   Our little crop of fruit earlier this month was from a cross between an apricot tree and a plum tree.  As you saw, the resultant fruit looked almost identical to an apricot.  These are apparently also the same two … Continue reading

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Colonel Judie’s McNuggets

   I cut a large chicken breast at an angle and made a bunch of thinnish slices.  Then into seasoned flour, egg, and seasoned crumbs and quickly fried in half coconut oil and half ghee.   Lightly curried rice and … Continue reading

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   These were pretty messy to make, but they definitely provided the chewiness that Soup Boy was looking for to dunk into the split pea and lentil soup today.  I think I will go back to more regulation sourdough, although … Continue reading

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It’s Chili Today

   Yesterday it was Meat Sauce and Linguini.  Last night I soaked up a cup of red beans and then cooked them in the Rival Crock-ette for a few hours this morning.  At lunch time, I took out about half … Continue reading

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Raspberry Delight Du Jour

   Here is today’s iteration of our ever-popular raspberry.   I put some raspberries in a tiny container, poured over some of the thick Balsamic vinegar, then added some chocolate shards.  It was the perfect little treat after a shared … Continue reading

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  We acquired a new supply of raspberries this afternoon, so did something a little different for lunch fruit today. Today, instead of just plain balsamic vinegar on the raspberries, I made a dipping sauce using the “cream” that rose to … Continue reading

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It’s raspberry time, and a friend was so kind as to replenish our supply of the thick, syrupy balsamic vinegar that we so dearly love! This is the resulting lunchtime dessert.  Totally incomparable!  Give it a try!  Many thanks to … Continue reading

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