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Fishy, fishy, fishy, fishy

Any Monty Python fans out there? This is a luncheon size plate with red beans (sofrito of onions and peppers), polenta with a little Cheddar, stir fry veggies, and a small piece of home-breaded fish. Super yummy!

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Mr. and Mrs. Jack R. Abbott

Now, just exactly how do they manage to position themselves right in the spot where the fence rail conceals their faces? One of these guys is slightly bigger than the other, but I’m not clear if it is a male/female … Continue reading

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Whistling bottle

Whistling bottle

This bottle sits on the windowsill in the kitchen, and when the wind comes from that direction, there is the faintest sound produced by the bottle. When I took a picture of it, the sun’s rays produced more color than is seen by the naked eye.

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Dorrie Anne waits patiently

Dorrie Anne waits patiently

Dorrie Anne waits while we do last minute things.

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This is one use for the bottle lid. Today is waffle day, and the batter bakes up nicer if the egg and buttermilk are at room temperature.

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Luscious lunch

Split pea soup One of my husband’s favorite soups is split pea. So easy to make. Just cook split peas for about an hour. When they’re soft, make a sofrito of onion, celery, carrots, and whatever else appeals to you. … Continue reading

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Jackrabbit hopping away

Jackrabbit hopping away

Jackrabbit as he hops away, crossing paths with the cottontail heading for his afternoon libation.

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Jackrabbit (finally)

This guy has been teasing me for weeks! We have a “watering hole” on the outside of our rail fence for the various animals to be able to get water in this arid part of the country. This jackrabbit found … Continue reading

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Kitchen addition

I forgot to put this in the picture of my weirdo kitchen tools. It is both sides of the cap to a jar of spaghetti sauce. Tomorrow it becomes photographic equipment in its dual role.

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Four bizarre kitchen tools

What uses can you think up for these items? A high-sided closed foam, disposable “bowl”, a sprayer with distilled water in it, a small bottle cap, and a small piece of wood.

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Step number one

Dorrie Anne comes out of storage, and she’s ready to ROCK and ROLL!  

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