Mantis in the Street

Tonight DH was walking home from the gym, and he spotted something black making haste to cross the street in front of him.  Upon closer inspection, it was a millipede.  How very exciting!

The above picture is NOT a millipede!  When we went back together to see if I could get a portrait, he had put all those legs into high gear and had disappeared behind the fence of the house next door to us.

But, luck was with us, as there was this happy fellow, pictured above, willing to sit still for a portrait.  And still he sat, but probably because he thought he would have a better chance of not being seen if he held still.

So we shone our flashlights on him like the star that he is and made the above photo.  His beady little eyes and quizzical look made me smile!  ;->

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Homemade Buttermilk


Homemade Buttermilk gives a huge flavor boost to pancakes.  These have dried cranberries and sliced almonds and went down real easy.


I was shocked to find that commercial buttermilk is the same price as half and half., i.e. $3.+ a quart!!


Like yogurt, buttermilk has one ingredient – milk.  A gallon of milk costs around $2. (sometimes even less; this week, it is $1.89!), so I can make yogurt or buttermilk for just the cost of the milk, and not pay $12. a gallon for either buttermilk or yogurt.

How to make one’s own buttermilk?

I use a 12-ounce jar and put about a quarter cup of buttermilk in it; then fill it up with regular milk (I use whole), and give it a few good shakes.  Let it sit out on the counter until it is thick – anywhere from 12 – 36 hours, depending on the temperature in your kitchen.

Also like yogurt and sourdough starter, you can keep this going forever, although refreshing it a time or two a year, especially if it hasn’t been used regularly, will do it no harm!

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Pink Hope

It is the tail end of monsoon season here in Arizona, and we are enjoying the cooler weather.  At this time of year the local photographers are out in force.  They provide a plethora of wonderful images of brilliant night skies, The Milky Way, lightning strikes, beautiful cloud formations, fabulous sunrises and sunsets, and unique renditions of the moon and stars that are offered for our collective enjoyment.

One of our main enjoyments is to sit on our deck at dusk and watch the night fall, and hope that a few animals will wander by to thrill us.  The above photo is the view from that deck.  The main mountains are off to the right a bit, but this lovely cloud might have dissipated before it could chug its way to a more photogenic position, so I captured it in place.

This is what brings us peace in this currently topsy turvy world.

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English Bus

No, we haven’t gone to England.  I just snagged this photo off the television set one night when we were watching one of the many English shows that are available now.

This one is “Ordeal by Innocence” and stars one of our favorite English actors, Bill Nighy.

But this bus was the star of the show for me.  I took this picture with my iPad and brought it over to the computer to work on it some.  Isn’t it a grand old thing?  ;->

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Trail Mix Pancakes

I ran out of dried blueberries, but there was a small bag of trail mix lurking in the cupboard.  I added some sliced almonds and more dried cranberries for this batch of pancakes to celebrate the successful excision of that very naughty gallbladder.

Happy childhood memories were evoked with the addition of the cinnamon sugar.

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How It Feels to . . .

. . .   wake up from a cholecystectomy.


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Black Beans and Tri-Color Peppers

Here is a lovely supply of black beans as provided with the assistance of the InstantPot.

Over rice, in a tortilla, on a tostada, made into chili, or a soup . . . the possibilities abound!

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