Typical Taco Lunch Plate

The ubiquitous Mexican Grey Squash makes another appearance with pasilla peppers, red peppers, and onions, to accompany a crispy lunch taco and avocado.

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Bulgur and Friends

There were bits of this and that leftover.

Steak, baked potato, bulgur, kale, grey squash, onions, various-colored peppers, grape tomatoes, and asparagus, as shown in pan above. A quick spritz from my trusty squirt bottle, and everything heated to perfection.

What a delicious way to get a cleaned-out refrigerator!

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Sunflower Seed Bread


There is a lovely trio of bread recipes on the back of every bag of Bob’s Red Mill Artisan flour (purple label), as well as a very well-done video here about how to do the overnight loaf.  The printed recipes are for pizza; the popular overnight, sourdough crispy loaf shown in the video; and the third is a generic recipe for an “Amish Country Loaf”.  I have been adapting this Amish bread recipe with a number of personalizations to suit whatever took my fancy at the time.

To the basic recipe, I add nuts/seeds, an egg, potato flakes (or leftover mashed potatoes), freeze-dried shallots, and/or any herbs that strike my fancy.  I’ve substituted barley malt, maple syrup, honey, or molasses for the sugar called for, and butter, olive oil, or coconut oil for the vegetable oil.

This makes a “soft” loaf, as opposed to the more firm sourdough loaf that I usually make.  It is good for making sandwich/burger rolls, and probably for dinner rolls, although I haven’t done that yet.  Rolls can be topped with yet more specialized ingredients that enhance their appeal.  Just brush with some beaten egg (or just the white), and sprinkle on whatever you think would go good with the other foods being offered.

It’s probably nearly impossible to do this wrong, so let your imagination and other menu items guide you to a loaf that perfectly suits your desires.  Very satisfying!  ;->

Hint:  Keep several bags around so you never run out!  So far, I’ve found that Vitacost has the best price.  Since I order many things from them routinely, it is easy to keep a good stock on hand.

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Snap Pea Treat

Our soup, salad, and sourdough lunch was much unchanged except for these delicious baked snap pea treats today.

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These are from a King Arthur Flour mix. Next time I’ll do it myself. It is delicious!

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Poppa Pepper Speaks

They listened carefully, and fulfilled their destiny, just as he had raised them to do.

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Belgium, Germany, Spain

I love cooked cabbage . . . DH – not so much, so Brussels sprouts to go with the German Cheese/Beer Brats – and we are both happy.  A little España as a side with the Spanish rice, which was pasilla and green peppers, Italian sausage, and onion with rice.  For good measure, I dribbled on some Mexican salsa, and then sprinkled some ancho chili powder over everything.

I’ve always wondered if cooks in other countries cook dishes from other countries on a routine basis.  I see by my stats that there are readers in other countries . . . do you mind leaving a note about this?  Do you cook the cuisine from countries other than your own?  What would you consider an “American” dish?

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