Let me see . . .

Rusty’s RV Ranch

Rodeo, New Mexico


His hands look they do harder work than just consulting his crystal ball.

Is that a bird on his shoulder?

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Emmentaler Cheese



Sunday’s Special Breakfast was late, and lunch never happened, so afternoon brought out a case of the hungries.  Thus I made this delightful repast.  The orange stuff is hummus with a big blob of fresh tomato salsa.  Somehow these ingredients fit together perfectly and we gobbled it all up.  Dinner was late, too.

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Rodeo Sunset

Not a forest fire.

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Red Pepper Salsa and Hummus 


Red pepper salsa and hummus were both on my list to make, so I combined the effort.  Made the salsa in the food processor using a jar of red peppers and half a jar of the whole pickled cherry peppers.

Then – without needing to clean the unit, I added some garbanzo beans that I had cooked the day before, along with some of the pepper salsa.  I added a couple of scoops of tahini, and sprinkled in a little bit of Montreal Steak Seasoning and about a teaspoon of sesame oil, and that was it.  I entirely forgot about the lemon juice, but didn’t even notice the difference.

It didn’t take long to make a huge dent in it with some handy dandy tortilla chips that were handily nearby.

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Easy Dinner for Two

A little extra work on two different nights, and with the help of the Crock Pot this afternoon to bake the squash, dinner tonight is just a plug-it-in and turn-it-on affair.

A bowl of field greens and tomatoes, and we dine like kings tonight, thanks to the assistance from the Cuisinart Oven Central.

I see minimum clean up in my future.

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Omelette Pizza



Isn’t this gorgeous?  It tasted just as good!!!

Last night was the Tenth Anniversary of the opening of the Cochise Oncology Clinic here.  Little did we expect as we watched it being built that we would be going there on a regular basis in just a few years.  It was wonderful to see so many survivors, and the real happiness that exuded from the staff that we have come to know and love.

It was a really big “do”, with the Mayor of our town presenting a plaque to the founder of the clinic.  There were mounds of very nicely presented food of all kinds, but one of us is not keen on eating food that is out where others have (or could have) touched or breathed on it.

We had a bit of one of our usual ham and cheese on sourdough snacks before we left, but when we came home, we were famished.  Time was of the essence, so I whipped up this delightful dish.  The appearance cannot even come close to how delicious it was in the eating.

I knew I didn’t want to make a fold-over omelette because there was so much in the way of toppings that I had planned to put on/in it, so the idea of making it like a pizza was born.  So, I just poured the eggs/cream/seasoning mixture in the pan I had dry-fried the mushrooms in, using a bit of ghee as a buffer between the eggs and the hot pan.

As the top began to cook solid, I quickly put on the toppings (listed below), covered it and let the cheese melt. The picture above was taken before all of the cheese had melted.

We cut it into quarters and dove in.  There is a little over a quarter left, so that will be a good lunch for one of us today or tomorrow.




Three large duck eggs, with a splash of 1/2 and 1/2, ground mild chile powder, Montreal steak seasoning, and a sprinkle of Italian seasoning.


Black Olives, tomato salsa, red pepper salsa (homemade), cooked bacon, leftover ham bits, chopped red onions, dry-fried mushroom slices, leftover cooked broccoli, and two slices of Cheddar/Jack sliced cheese.

Clearly any leftover veggies or bits of meat could find a home here.  If you wanted a bit more of a “pizza” ambience, hot Italian sausage and anchovies would work well. Drag out what you have put aside from other meals and surprise yourself with what a delicious meal can be had – quickly and economically.

Since there is no crust as such on this dish, you might want to add some nice whole wheat toast, or a crisped-up tortilla.

If mealtime rolls around and getting into the car to go somewhere is not at all appealing . . . this is a good way to use up what you have, while enjoying a fantastic taste treat that is quick to prepare and so satisfying to eat.

Try it!  ;->


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Boots at the Bank

I’ve broken a bit with tradition this morning.  Instead of having one picture of food, or some other scene, I have put up a series of iterations of the same photo that I took a couple of days ago.  Not sure why this is so appealing to me, but I wanted to share my excitement with anyone who will listen!  ;->

I would love to hear comments – good and bad – about this choice.


While at the bank recently, I was several people in line behind a lady that was wearing a most interesting pair of boots.  It is not unusual to see folks wearing boots around here, as there are many ranches in the area.  But these boots had GOLD heels and buckles.  Upon hearing that, it sounds fairly gauche, but somehow it just fascinated me.

I took several shots of her boots, but they were ho-hum, and I figured I would just have to remember them in my mind as being so very special.  But then . . . when she got up to the teller’s window, she made this perfect triangle . . . just as if I had asked her to pose for me.  What luck!




Not being content with having acquired this great beginning, I came home and started running it through Photoshop and other photo manipulation software. Having no artistic talent in this regard, I must rely heavily on the talents of others who have produced the software that lets me see results immediately !!


I wanted something warmer . . .




We had just acquired an ebook of exceedingly wonderful black and white photographs, so I was inclined to see what it looked like in black and white.  I was hoping to retain that wonderful gold on the heels, as that is a big part of what makes this photo appeal so much to me.




YES!  The gold still rules, but the rest of the photo is now a bit blah, so . . . I launched a sketching app on my iPhone and produced this rendition.  I loves ’em all!



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