Snacks – Delicious and Nutritious



With all of the advertisements, talk, articles and Facebook entries about snacks, I thought I would put forth a picture of one of my favorites.  It is delicious, nutritious – and, if you are in the right frame of mind – will make you feel ambitious!

It is a small piece of French toast.  I make all of our bread, and the Sourdough French bread is perfect for the smallish pieces of the French Toast that we favor with our Special Sunday Brunches.  It isn’t the main course; just used as you would toast with any breakfast.

I make ten pieces, using three eggs and a splash of half and half, baking them in the Cuisinart Oven Central – five at a time.

There are usually three or four pieces left over, so they go into a Lock & Lock container in the refrigerator and whoever thinks of it, has them (one at a time!) as a snack over the next couple of days.

They can be eaten cold, but they reheat beautifully with just a spritz of water on each side, and a run through the toaster.  The egg coating is on there strongly enough that nothing comes out into the toaster itself.  After the toaster has ejected the toast, if you can wait a minute or two to let the heat penetrate all the way through the slice, it will be warm and delicious, just as it was in the beginning.

What you see here is a slathering of apricot jam.  A coating of jam or marmalade is not messy, and the treat then can be eaten out of hand.  If you want to make more of a big deal out of it, you can add butter, syrup, cinnamon or any combination of regulation pancake toppings, and sit down with a plate at a table and enjoy it to the fullest.  Soft cream cheese is good on it, too.  A serving of fruit would do no harm!

As I write this, I am reminded of a lovely afternoon English Tea – only on a very small scale.

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BBQ Chicken with Steamed Kale

A very quick to put together meal that was colorful and satisfying.  I popped a couple of pre-roasted chicken thighs out of the freezer, stripped off the meat, added some red peppers, and put everything into a light BBQ sauce, and served with al dente penne, and fresh kale.

I made my penne into a low-cal version of Noodles Alfredo by putting on a wee bit of softened butter, sprinkling with some grated asiago cheese, and a few turns of the grinder of Italian herbs.

Sautéed up a bit of red pepper and let the chicken bits cook with some watered-down BBQ sauce for about 20 minutes.  I water down the sauce, and then let it thicken back up with the simmering on purpose.  This diffuses the sauce into the meat instead of just coating it.

The kale was very nice – a perfect accompaniment with a bit of a bite.

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Orange Delight

Bonanza!  Red and orange peppers are three for $.99 all week.  Six came home with me today.

Don’t they look like tiny pumpkins?

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Moving West – Then and Now

Take your pick!

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Good to Have on Hand

Three ingredients – red peppers, sweet onions, and thick slices of mushrooms.

When there is a small bucket of this in the refrigerator, the possibility for a quick pizza or other similar meal is always at hand.

Add just about anything else in the way of leftover bits that are at hand, toss in a bit of egg, cheese, or meat and serve over whatever floats your boat.

This can happen a lot faster than going somewhere for a meal, and lots cheaper than ordering in.

Want a quick pizza?  No need to make a regulation pizza crust.  Do you have a couple of burger buns left over?  Or perhaps a slice or two of French bread?  How about an English Muffin?  All are suitable for some quick toppings and a run through a toaster oven, or in a non-stick, covered frying pan, to make a way-better-than-take-out pizza.  Be sure to keep a variety of cheeses around, and your pizzas can become legendary.

Try it a couple of times.  You’ll be hooked.

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Eight Red Peppers 

Yesterday we bought a dozen red peppers and managed to eat four of them.   Here are the other eight – roasted and ready to wait in the freezer for later use.

They are three for a dollar for the third week in a row, so my cast iron skillet is getting a good workout.

There are still six in the refrigerator for crispy consumption.  More will be purchased as the week goes by.  They freeze fairly well and are a much-welcomed addition to so many dishes for color and flavor.

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Homestead, Florida to Huachuca City, Arizona



Found this delightful truck ready to be converted into an RV!  The sign on the side says “Fuchs Baking Company, Est. 1912, Homestead, FL”.

It was no doubt a very long and bumpy ride across the country for this vehicle, although there is some chance it was transported by flatbed trailer.

Can anyone identify the car?  I think the nameplate on the front said “Ford”, but not certain.  The “instrument panel” was a bunch of small, old batteries, but it was not possible to know if that is really the way it was back then, or if there are a lot of the parts missing from the inside.

Holsum Bakeries was a landmark in South Miami in the 50’s and probably before and beyond.  I moved there with my family in 1949, but haven’t lived there since 1985.  Every year at Christmastime they would have a huge creche in front of their building.  Looks like it is a shopping center now, but I have not seen it.  I found a picture on the net of the entrance to the shopping center, but it is so garish that I am not going to put a pointer to it here.

I found on the net this more satisfying picture of the Christmas display.  It was really something in person to the young child I was back then.  I didn’t get to see it every year, but I remember it well.


From the State Archives of Florida

I never expected this flood of memories when I woke up this morning!

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