Electric Ice Cream


Summer isn’t completely over in Arizona, so the ice cream truck is still a welcome sight.

The sign says “100% Electric”, and if you look carefully, you can see a lot of electrical cords hanging down by the back wheel.  The extension cord must be very long.

I don’t know if they actually sold ice cream from this truck at any time, but when we passed by, there was no sign of activity.  I did find the ice cream in the grocery store, but it was exceedingly expensive ($7.00 a pint).  Not long after, it was discounted by half, so I bought a few to try to support their endeavour.  It was pleasant, but nothing out of the ordinary, and there was no coffee flavor to be had.  😦

I took the above picture at least two years ago, but it has just surfaced to become the subject of this entry.

Here is the URL that tells more about the truck itself.  You can navigate around their site to learn more about their product.

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Eggs – Not Just for Breakfast

So often I show you only the finished dish, and just use words to describe the procedure, so today I am bombarding you with a lot more pixels – FIVE photos.

Here goes:

Chop up the desired amount of any veggies you have on hand.  Here you see zucchini, onions, mushrooms, red pepper, and fresh tomatoes.



Peruse your supply of meat, cheese, and eggs.  I had pepperoni and jalapeño cheese on hand, and plenty of eggs.  These are regular chicken eggs, not the larger duck eggs.



Scoot the sautéed veggies to the side and break the eggs into the pan.  This particular day, I was experimenting with scrambling eggs in a new way.  That is . . . to break them into the pan as if they were to be “over easy”, letting the whites get slightly done . . . and THEN scrambling them.

My opinion of this method is “meh”.  The end result was larger pieces of eggs, which were probably considerably softer than a regular scramble would turn out by using a more regulation scramble routine.

I’ve done it now about three times, but the jury is still out.




This is how the eggs look – pretty much different from a traditional “scramble”.

At this point I added some leftover curly noodles, along with the pepperoni and cheese, and covered the pan to encourage all of these newly-added ingredients to come to a similar temperature to the veggies.

When they all seemed compatible, I mixed everything around, completely ruining the appearance, but totally enhancing the enjoyment!  It was mega delicious!

And the happiest part?  The next day, when Burger Boy wanted yet another cheeseburger for lunch, there was enough of this deliciousness for me to enjoy it all over again!   ;->


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Burger Lunch Feast

Why is there a depression in the cheese?  Well, because I make a hole in the burger as I put it into the pan.  This helps the center to be cooked to the proper temperature without overcooking the rest of the burger.  The cheese just droops into the hole.

These are tiny burgers, so they cook very quickly.  I get the pan hot, cook the first side about two minutes, and then turn them over and plop on the cheese, cover the pan, turn off the burner and let them sit until we are ready to eat, or a minimum of three to five minutes – depending on actual size and thickness.  They finish cooking and remain juicy and delicious.

A thick slice of tomato goes on top, some peperoncini, condiments, and since we are now in Romaine Mode, there is chopped up Romaine, with diced tomatoes, marinated garbanzo beans, etc. on top.  A bit of Bleu Cheese dressing (or maybe jalapeño ranch), and this is the Specialty Burger of The House!

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Ladies and Gentleman

These lovely ladies came to call a couple of afternoons ago.  It was just at the time of day when that golden glow falls over our world.  These two are taking aim at the pomegranate fruits that are on our neighbor’s bushes.  I don’t think they could reach them, so that accounts for their disappointed look.

Fortunately they had a protector on guard (see below).    I was able to sneak out onto the deck so I could take pictures with my actual camera without having to use my iPhone or shoot through the double-paned windows in my kitchen.  I don’t think they knew I was there, but right after I snapped about a dozen shots, the wind blew the grasses . . . and they were off.

We heard them again the next night as they jumped into our yard, trotted along the side of the house, jumped the front fence, and went out across the street into another neighbor’s yard.

I know they are pests in many parts of the country, but we are so delighted to see them here, even if they do drain the water pond on a nightly basis!

I added a bit to Animals Spotted.


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Freshly sautéed veggies, leftover noodly shells, boneless chicken thighs from the Nesco Roaster, and some fresh salsa from the deli.

We generously sprinkled freshly-grated Romano over the top.

I N S T A N T   F E A S T  ! ! !

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Fresh Mozzarella Pizza

I had always wanted to try fresh mozzarella, and one time, many years ago, I did.  It was okay, but not worth, in my mind, the extreme cost and short lifespan.

Fast forward to a few months ago.  It was on sale at $4. a pound – cheap for any cheese – so I gathered up two half-pound balls and placed them gently in my cart, thence home to the refrigerator.

The above picture shows what I did with one of those balls.  It is far different from the regular, more stringy aged mozzarella.  Not superior, necessarily, but different.  We liked them both.  It was a VERY enjoyable pizza.

The next trip to the grocery store provided an additional four balls, which have been used in various ways – grilled on medallions of sourdough toast mostly, with a variety of other toppings.  Sort of tiny pseudopizzas with different themes.

I have one ball left . . .  😦   They are back to $8. a pound now, but I will be watching for another sale.

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Boneless Leg and Thigh

This is a new discovery for me.  Our local ethnic grocery store frequently offers boneless leg and thigh meat.  It is also skinless, and looks just like you see in the picture above.  The amount is huge!  That is all one attached piece of meat.

At $1.27 a pound (regular price, not on sale), this 6+ pound package was $8.33, and had EIGHT pieces of meat like you see above.  There is no waste at all.  In contrast, the Brussels Sprouts were $3. a pound!  But we enjoy them just as much as the chicken!!

As you can see, this piece of chicken cooked up beautifully and provided enough meat for both of us, with a wee bit left over to plop into the soup du jour the next day.

Both the bulgur and Brussels Sprouts were already cooked, so when the chicken was almost done, I put in the other two items to reheat.

So that was the only pan to clean!  I continue to be amazed at how well this Calphalon pan is holding up, and what a tremendous job it does with the cooking part.  Clean up is a breeze.  It has all the benefits of cast iron – only with a non-stick surface.

I surely wish I had discovered this line of cookware before now!

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