Ten-Minute Glow

This is what I saw when I woke up this morning.  I have a new camera, so here was the perfect use for it.  The whole sky to the south and east was on fire.  What you see above is only the very end of it on the southern view.

Big Red was smiling down right onto the yucca plant in the alley and making it glow beautifully.  There is almost always a camera at hand, so I grabbed it and raced out (well, maybe stumbled out might be more accurate) to the backyard to drink it all in.

I took some panoramas which I will stitch together later, but this one single image of the yucca just hit me in the face when I downloaded the shots.

Within just a few minutes, the red glow had moved up onto the mountains . . . another ten minutes . . . and everything was blue/grey again.

There were two bonuses this morning, neither of which I caught on “film”.  As I was walking back across the yard to the house, either a huge hawk, or one of our resident owls, came swooping by right in front of my face.  Since it was completely silent, I suspect it was an owl.  Two more steps forward and he would have grazed the top of my head.  I’ll just presume he knew what he was doing, and was just annoyed that I had interrupted his breakfast hunt.

And just now, two cows went meandering by.  This in itself is not terribly unusual.  The area is state land and is used for grazing by the local cattlemen, but these two were different from the usual all black, or black with a bit of white, cows that frequently pass by.

I couldn’t see clearly because the view of their bodies was blocked by the mesquite trees that you see in the picture, but it looked like one was brown with white patches, and the other seemed to look like a big, black steer – you know the Texas kind with huge horns!

What an exciting morning, and it is only seven thirty!  ;->

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Mexican Barley Soup

Leftovers = Supreme Soup

Pork green chile stew plus barley – a whole new meal.

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Eggs a la Fox Point

There is an RV friend (waving to Diane – ;-> ) who provides a photo on Facebook of her “Daily Egg”.  It is fun to see her various iterations, which usually involve appealing perfect avocado slices.  The world conspired this morning for me to make myself an egg breakfast, so here is my version of “Diane’s Daily Egg”, sans avocado.

The green stuff on the steamed-fried eggs is an herb mixture from Penzey’s called Fox Point, and it was absolutely stunning.  It consists of:

Salt, freeze-dried shallots, chives, garlic, onion, and green peppercorns.

No additional seasoning was at all necessary, and I was pleasantly surprised how absolutely perfect the combination is.

The accompanying blob of leftovers is a smattering of chili in some leftover rice, chopped chili peppers, and a few diced tomato pieces.

It was just the right accompaniment for a quicky breakfast.  It disappeared unbelievably swiftly!

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Chicken Florentine

Can’t you just taste the many flavors here?  The shaved Parmesan really gave it some class!

We’ve become real fans of the boneless, skinless leg/thigh pieces.  I have no clue how they get the bones out of there whilst still holding all the meat together, but it makes for a delicious, juicy dish with just a bit of seasoned flour for a coating.

Miraculously, these are frequently on sale for just under a dollar a pound, and there is no waste on them.  I usually fry up three or four at a time, freeze all but one, and then make as many meals from each – adding different sauces and accompaniments for each.

The one above was the last frozen one used, with tricolored bell peppers and onions, and frozen spinach made into a sauce using on-hand chicken broth.  It was perfect over the angel hair.  DH wanted his over rice, and I had both on hand, so Bob’s your uncle!

There is enough left for a nice hot lunch for one of us – that would be for the one who doesn’t always want a cheeseburger or a tostada.

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Mountains and Trees

How fortunate we are to have this pleasant scenery just fifteen or so minutes from our house.  It makes it possible to gather up our camera equipment and dash out just to do some experimenting with our toys.

I have a new Panasonic camera, and DH is just becoming accustomed to using his super duper Canon fullframe dSLR. However, the picture above was taken with my iPhone SE, which also does a fabulous job.

It was a lovely hour and a half spent on Christmas Eve Day when there was almost no one else there.  Brown Canyon Ranch isn’t usually crowded, but there were only a few visitors this day.

It was fun to listen to tourists talk . . . “Well, we surely wouldn’t have been doing this today in Michigan!”.

Indeed not!  ;->



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Cows in the Meadow

Not a very productive day – photowise – but there were some good shots to be had, even from the window of the van as we bumpity-bumped along the very rough gravel road on the way to Cascabel.

As it turns out, Cascabel is a small-population community spread out over many miles on the road cleverly called “North Cascabel Road”.

We stopped to talk to a couple of ladies who were standing by their mailboxes on the road to ask where the “ghost town of Cascabel” might be found. They laughed and said that they weren’t ghosts, but that the “ruins” of Cascabel’s early days were back the way we had come from, but that they are now on private property and not open to the public.

I won’t go into detail about the goat paths we slithered down in our quest; suffice to say that there were some multi-K- turnarounds to get ourselves back onto even the bumpity-bump road that we had come in on.

I took a lot of shots out the window of the gyrating vehicle, so clarity is not found in the results in my Camera Roll, but there were some inspiring scenes to be had. In looking at the EXIF data for the shot above, I was surprised to see that it shows ISO 25, which was my favorite film back in the day. Along with the aperture of 2.2, there were enough pixels to make an actual post commemorating this day of adventure.

An adventure the van’s, and our own, suspension won’t soon forget.

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Winter Fruits of Arizona

The two pears waited patiently for their turn to be in the morning cereal fruit bowl.

What an enormous treat to be able to enjoy these wonderful fruits year round.

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