Potato Onion Bread


This bread threatened to take over the entire kitchen!  I used a plain white bread recipe and added freeze-dried shallots, an egg, non-diastatic malt instead of sugar, and some potato flakes.  The result is shown here.  Fortunately it had enough body to support that huge dome that raised up as it baked.

The taste was fantastic and made delicious cheese bread topped with pepper cheese, crumbled bacon, with overlapping, thin tomato slices covering the surface.  Perfect with a nice green salad for a late night supper.

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Gaucho Hat and Colorful Serape

DH spotted this lady and her fantastic gaucho hat and great posture, and I kept trying to get a shot of her while she walked.  That didn’t happen, but when she went to check out, I got my opportunity.  As a bonus, there was this colorful serape now in the picture.

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Two Soups

As you may have gathered, mealtimes are very special for us.  My Louisiana boy does love him his soups and sourdough French bread, so we have that combination often.

This was the end of the line for the split pea/lentil/barley soup for him, and the -sniff- end of the crimini mushroom soup for me.

I wasn’t quite quick enough with the shutter to get ALL of the tomato/Monterey Jack/sourdough rounds into the picture, but they provided a really nice accompaniment.   That’s smoked paprika on my mushroom soup, but we are successfully experimenting with straight cayenne – in small amounts!

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Sampler Plate

I have acquired a holder and a small tripod with a ball head for my iPad, so now I can take pictures of our food without trying to hold the pad steady.  I have been mostly using the iPhone, but the iPad has 12 MP, so it is preferable, but heavier.  The huge viewfinder makes it seem like a giant view camera!

This is the Sampler Plate from our traditional Sunday Brunch.  Clockwise from upper left:  French Toast, Bacon, Breakfast Sausage, Shredded Hash Browns, Pancake, Polenta with chives, and a perfectly poached egg with smoked paprika, and that delicious pepper ratatouille on top.

Is it Sunday yet?

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Poached and Pancake

Our usual Sunday Special Brunch was a little different today.

This is polenta with cheese and chives, topped with a pepper ratatouille; a poached egg; a breakfast sausage; a half-piece of bacon; and a pancake made from the leftover egg/milk mixture from the French toast (not pictured).

We’re experimenting with straight Cayenne Pepper, as shown on the egg.  It isn’t as hot as I had expected, but, in small sprinkles, adds quite a bit of pizzazz.

Is it next Sunday yet?  ;->

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Egg Nog Pudding

Remember when eggnog was so thick you practically needed a spoon to get it out of the glass?

This iteration of our vanilla pudding boasts a coating of nutmeg, and WOW – it was just like “the good old days” of thick eggnog.

If you like a bit of a nip in eggnog, then this pudding is so thick that the liquor won’t thin it down too much.  I’m not clear what goes into eggnog (rum?), but whatever it is, it would probably be delicious.

This certainly was!


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Chocolate Pudding with Coffee and Cookie Crumbs

About a week or so ago, I ran across a mix for chocolate snap cookies that I had in the pantry, so I made them up.  They were very sweet, so we haven’t really been eating them very quickly.

Yesterday I had a small cup of the chocolate pudding, and decided to crumble some of the cookie over it.  This is a very small bowl; it holds just a half cup, and it isn’t full, so the crumbs look huge.

There was a sprinkle of instant coffee powder directly on the pudding, and then the crumbs.  It was really good, but I’m glad there was such a small amount because it was quite intense in the sweet department.

I haven’t been tempted to repeat this treat in the ensuing days, but I’m sure I will in the future.  It is very intense!

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