Round-up at the RV Corral


This is where the hummingbird feeder usually hangs, but I don’t think this is a hummingbird.


Woops! Caught in the act! It wasn’t me, Boss, but I think . . .


I’ll just be moving along now.

From time to time we have a herd of about eight to ten bovines of assorted ages wander past – sometimes left to right (mornings) and sometimes right to left (evenings), so we have assumed that they must “live” somewhere off to the left of us, but have never been able to figure out just where. Sometimes the young ones get lost, and there is a lot of communication until they are all reunited.

Early-ish this morning, there was copious cow mooing, much more than the usual bovine complaint board airing their grievances. Soon the “thundering” herd, this time about thirty or forty strong, came by accompanied by six or seven cowboys and several cowgirls. They were going right to left, so guess they were being taken home en masse for some reason.

Unfortunately the large scope of the situation didn’t lend itself to a photograph, but the above three photos are indicative of what the cows look like. Some are pure brown like this one; some are black; some have white faces; some are all one color. It’s really fun to have this happening right outside our door. ;->


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4 Responses to Round-up at the RV Corral

  1. rita says:

    thanx for the picture I remember when they got out and ate our cactus in our back yard and then run thru our front yard before some one came and herded them in ( there were 6 of them then) this brought back some nice memories of our home there


    • judilyn says:

      We have really enjoyed hearing the moo-ing off in the distance, and then their slow migration by. The monsoons have filled in all of the mesquite, so picture taking out there is iffy at best. The little yellow flowers are out on those prickly plants, and the cactus in front is replete with the purple plums. The mountains are covered in green, and the air is clean, so we can actually see the green regrowth from last year’s fire. A beautiful sight!


  2. Bev says:

    It looks like there were on your side of the fence, too!


    • judilyn says:

      She was on the open area between our lot line and the boundary fence. Not sure where she came through, but it sure seemed like she knew she wasn’t supposed to be out there in the alley. ;->


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