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Breakfast al Fresco

We have been having an extraordinarily lovely summer, thus have spent some mealtimes on the deck.  Most notably – the famous “Pre-breakfast Breakfast” feast! Not sure why the pancakes look so dark; weren’t that way in real life.  The cooked … Continue reading

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Calorie Cutting with Tapioca

I am continuing my love affair with tapioca.  Who knew it could be so versatile and useful? I’ve been experimenting with it for several months now, and am finding more and more benefits. Firstly, I must confess that I don’t … Continue reading

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Olive Omelette

On the inside were mushrooms, onions, and extra sharp Cheddar cheese.  It was a good thing that I had my iPhone at the ready, because this baby disappeared right before my very eyes. The one-week report on the cataract surgery … Continue reading

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One Down; One to Go

This was taken right after we got home, and while he was eating a mushroom, onion, cheese omelette with many toppings – photo upcoming.  It wasn’t long until the anesthetic wore off, and he was in misery with a horrific … Continue reading

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Special Spinach

There was still a smidge of fresh spinach lurking in the bottom of the package, so I left a bit of the bacon grease in the frying pan and added the spinach.  It cooked beautifully, making a bit of its … Continue reading

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Pick-up Sticks Pizza

I was feeling wild and crazy, so I sliced the mozzarella cheese into sticks instead of shredding it!  I didn’t see any difference in the final result of the pizza itself, and it was a whole lot easier than shredding … Continue reading

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Rigatoni Light

Summer is here, so minimum heat in the kitchen is the goal.  The rigatoni from the other night, combined with the Italian sausage meatballs (with minimum sauce left on them), combined with big chunks of Roma tomatoes and a gigantic … Continue reading

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