Vermillion flycatcher

Our temporary pet at Kartchner Caverns

This stunning bird came to our site every morning and early afternoon to show us how beautiful he is. I love the way each of his feet is on a different branch of the tree. I don’t know how he kept his balance like that! ;->


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4 Responses to Vermillion flycatcher

  1. rita says:

    wow what beauty fly catchers and minnesota cardnals are the most beautiful birds


  2. Donna says:

    How beautiful! Saw my first vermillion flycatcher at the King Ranch, Kingsville, TX! So cool!!!


  3. TexCyn says:

    Oh, how pretty! BTW, u get my very first cell fon reply from my new phone. 🙂


  4. Dale Ellis says:

    This is my second attempt to comment on the beautiful bird in your very fine photo. I wondered aloud if the bird’s color would surpass that of the Vermillion Cliffs that you will see on your way up to the Kaibab and the North Rim.


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