Along Highway 191 on the way from Alpine to Springerville, there is a little area called Nutrioso that is off the main highway. There is an exit down into a little valley, and then an exit a few miles down the way where the road through Nutrioso comes back to the main highway.

This attractive gate is just past where the Nutrioso road comes back to the highway.

One day we took the loop through the area, and found there are a lot of very pretty homes scattered around “downtown”, and up on terraced hills surrounding the town. There is a post office, so guess it is officially a town.

My curious nature compelled me to try to figure out where the name “Nutrioso” originated. It didn’t take much sleuthing to figure out the “oso” part, since that is “bear” in Spanish, but the “Nutri” part? Well, while I was out gathering pixels in my camera of the last of the yellow aspens, I glanced up at the post office building. There was a painting of a beaver and a bear in close proximity. This led me to guess that the Spanish, or maybe Indian, name for beaver had the letters NUTRI in it – thus Nutrioso. I inquired of a volunteer at the Sipe Wildlife Refuge, and she confirmed my surmise!


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3 Responses to Nutrioso

  1. Bev says:

    There might also be an otter involved, as well.

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  2. Isn’t there a muskrat-type of water rodent called a nutria? Maybe the names came from the same root.

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    • judilyn says:

      That was my guess, too. Nutrias are “chewers”; beavers are “chewers”. That’s what I put together in the beginning. Then I saw the two animals on the post office wall – BINGO! But you know what they say about “assuming” anything! ;->

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