Three Deer Three


What a surprise to see these three lovely ladies taking advantage of the water pond the other day. They seemed to come out of nowhere, and trotted off quickly when they had slaked their thirst. I heard coyotes later on. I hope that was nothing more than the usual howling that they do so frequently out there.

See ANIMALS SPOTTED for a close up of a gentle face.

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8 Responses to Three Deer Three

  1. gypsy97 says:

    I think of all animals, deer evoke the awe of most people. Even though they are way overpopulated, we still stop and look at the beautiful creatures, and smile.


  2. Kit says:

    Pretty sure that is the post-action review group. I read that North Pole QC hires locals to check-see Santa’s route after Christmas. Note how they are looking all around? Yet another reason to believe in Santa!


  3. Dale Ellis says:

    Happy New Year! I tend to forget about your shots of wildlife, unless you mention it in a post. So now I have added it to my Reading List. I do enjoy your wildlife shots! The food photos are good, but I’m trying to loose some weight, and the temptation they cause is not helping that. 🙂


    • judilyn says:

      Was just thinking about you the other day – wondering how you are getting along. Glad you are enjoying the wildlife – sparse as it is this time of year. They do like our water offering, though! ;->


  4. Sharon says:

    Deer are so graceful and innocent-looking. Love your group shot! 🙂


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