Tropical Fruit in the Desert


Even though we live in the desert, I can wheel my cart right up to the offerings from a tropical isle.

When we lived in California, the persimmons were plentiful at this time of year, so I experimented with them some. The Fuyu variety was eaten when sort of crispy; not as crisp as an apple, but with a satisfying bite and texture. A few thin slices in a salad just screamed “California”! So unique!!

The Hachiya variety was loads of fun! I would put one or two out on the counter and watch them turn into pseudo water balloons as they ripened. When they were to the point of being jelly-like, they were ready! But to eat them . . . well, it was best to stand over the sink with an abundance of mouth-wiping cloths at hand!

The ones pictured were MUCH smaller than the ones we got in California, and the price at two dollars each puts them pretty much out of reach. I might try a Hachiya for old times’ sake one of these days, though!

I did spring for a plaintain, so am tracking down likely recipes to bring that to the table soon.

Top to bottom:




Two kinds of persimmons:  Fuyu and Hachiya



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5 Responses to Tropical Fruit in the Desert

  1. taphian says:

    You really have a great offer in the desert. I love all of these wonderful fruits. Tried to plant a persimmon tree in Greece 3 times, but didn’t work. But we get these fruits here quite cheep and pomegranates etc. etc. Have a nice day, regards Mitza

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