What Will They Think of Next

Next to the chair at one end of the Infusion Room is this apparatus.  It makes a lot of noise as things come banging down from the ether!

Clearly it isn’t brand new technology, but what a boon to being able to draw and send blood out expeditiously so that the patient’s infusion is handled with alacrity.

We are so very grateful for the opportunity to have this wonderful treatment.


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10 Responses to What Will They Think of Next

  1. I remember being fascinated by those vacuum tubes when I was a kid. The tubes were clear so you could see the cannisters in route. The infusion room we spent many hours in sure could have used a system like that!

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  2. I admire your ability to find the positive aspect in this. Best wishes for a speedy recovery! 🙂

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  3. judilyn says:

    Thanks, but there is no cure for Multiple Myeloma. The goal is to just keep the patient alive by moving from one treatment module to another for as long as possible. We try to find fun in everything we do. There really is no other way! ;->

    A drastic treatment called Car-T is on the horizon. It is quite invasive and harsh, but is contemplated to give excellent results in patients who survive the treatment!

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  4. tinycamper says:

    Hoping that you can enjoy each other for a long time to come. Hugs!

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  5. Technology is so amazing….. so are you!

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  6. judilyn says:

    We’re trying to suck out an extra lifetime of fun!

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